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Gavin Ashenden’s Anti-Islam Rhetoric Considered

Rev. Dr Gavin Ashenden is sadly given to unfairness and anti-Islam sound-bites when talking about Islam betraying his lack of contextualised understanding of Islam. I will interact with a few of his comments (in red) in this piece hopefully to the edification of Anglicans online (including Rev Ashenden who I do think is a mildly… Read More ›

The Forgotten Root: “They Know Him As They Know Their Son”

Eric Bin Kisam Scriptures  are not just text of revelation which one must understand within the border of sacred theological paradigm  but it can also be approached as a collective memory of a profane history.  In this context one should not neglect to read re-examine the scriptures as veracious historical evidences through philology, this is… Read More ›

5 Facts About Aisha And Muhammed’s Marriage

Kaleef K. Karim Content: 1. Was Aisha’s Marriage Common In History? 2. Khawlah Suggested The Prophet To Marry Aisha 3. Aisha And Dolls 4. Jariyya – Young Lady 5. Aisha Reached Puberty Before Marriage Was Consummated Introduction, Among the claims made in regards to Prophet Muhammed’s marriage to Aisha is that such a marriage was uncommon…. Read More ›

Muhammed, “Blonde Women” And Quran 9:49

Kaleef K. Karim   A missionary has written an article on ‘Blonde women’ in relation to Quran 9:49. We won’t mention his name. We will deal with his claims point by point. In the article, he quotes two commentaries in connection to Surah 9:49. The first commentary is from Tafsir al-Tabari: “Among them is (many)… Read More ›

Who is THAT Prophet?

In John 1:19-21 when the Jewish leaders asked John the Baptist who he was, they asked him a very distinct prophetic figures. First they questioned him as to whether or not he was the anticipated “Messiah” Next they asked if he was the prophet Elijah Finally, they asked him if he is “THAT  Prophet?” Here we… Read More ›

Song of Songs 5:16 prophesied Prophet Muhammad (p) by Name

When dealing with the fact that  Bible passage in the Song of Songs or  Shir haShirim 5:16  שיר השירים  ה:טז in Hebrew  where the word “Machamadim” מַחֲמַדִּים is clearly shown, christian apologists like James White in his debate with Br. Zakir Hussain titled “Is Muhammed Prophesied in the Bible?” typically respond that it can not refer to Prophet Muhammad (p) based on the… Read More ›

Why Were Salamah And Talhah Khuwalid Killed?

Historical evidences show they were warmongers. They wanted to go to war against the Muslim community: Ṣafī al-Raḥman Mubarakfuri: THE ABI SALAMAH MISSION The first people to take up arms against the Muslims in the aftermath of Uhud were Banu Asad bin Khuzaimah. Information was reported in Madinah that Talhah and Salamah, sons of Khuwalid… Read More ›

Encounters of an “Invisible” Muslim with intolerance

By Meaghan Seymour People are quick to judge or categorize each other based on looks. So as a freckle-faced Anglo-Canadian girl, I experience a lot of “shock factor” moments whenever someone finds out, for the first time, about my religious identity. On days when I covered my hair, I was most often mistaken for an… Read More ›

Reward for Kindness

“Islamic Principles offer guidelines on human behaviour and human nature interaction. The prohibition of inflicting harm or reciprocating with harm is a principle which has become one central universal maxims of Islamic law. The Prophetic tradition states: ‘There should be neither harming nor reciprocating harm.’ People are expected to emphasize with each other and extend… Read More ›

Islam on Forced Marriage

Kaleef K. Karim It has been a custom in the media frenzy to link forced marriages that are committed in some Asian-Muslim communities, to link it to Islam.  This prompted me to write this article and show that Islam forbids forced marriages. In Islam for a marriage to be valid there has to be mutual… Read More ›