Muslims Giving Winter Packs Delivered To Day Centre

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DTT: The media often perceive the Muslims in bad light. It is good to see the good side where Muslims are just like any other human being, who care, take care of the poor. Here we have Muslims giving out winter packs to those who need it most.

by Sophie Arnold –

WINTER welfare packs are being handed out to vulnerable people.

The Dignity in Life Foundation, a non-for-profit organisation, is giving out the packs which contain hats, scarves, gloves and non-perishable food to vulnerable people aged over 60, who live alone of with others aged over 60.

The foundation, which specialising in personal home-care, is working in partnership with the Ummah Welfare Trust and handed out the first of the packs at Horwich Day Centre last week.

Stella Truman from the centre said: “It has been wonderful for our vulnerable service user within our community to benefit from the Winter Welfare pack to include food and warm clothing.

“It was nice to see a smile on there faces to receive such a nice gesture for no cost at all one lady said you don’t get something for nothing these days what is the catch. Keep up the good work in helping the most vulnerable and needy older people in our community.”


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