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Muslims Giving Winter Packs Delivered To Day Centre

DTT: The media often perceive the Muslims in bad light. It is good to see the good side where Muslims are just like any other human being, who care, take care of the poor. Here we have Muslims giving out winter packs to those who need it most. by Sophie Arnold – TheboltonNews.co.uk WINTER welfare… Read More ›

Men Fined For Threatening To ‘torch’ And ‘Blow Up’ Mosque On Facebook

By Jeremy Culley – TheBoltonNews.co.uk TWO men have been convicted of making Facebook threats to “torch” and “blow up” a proposed new mosque in Astley Bridge. Police arrested both men for posting offensive messages on the Stop The Astley Bridge Facebook page, which has since been taken down. Leon Richmond, aged 18, wrote on the… Read More ›

The Bolton News: JAILED: Iain Merrick

Jailed: ‘Obsessive loner’ who planted bomb in postbox and sent child porn to schools

By Miranda Newey AN “obsessive loner” has been jailed for planting a homemade bomb in a post box and sending child porn to schools in Bolton. Iain Merrick, aged 39, waged a long-running harassment campaign against the Royal Mail because he believed his mail was being sent to other addresses. The grudge against the postal… Read More ›