French Court Lifts Mayor’s Ban On Muslim Hijab At Beach

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DTT: The Land of the free. The land of democracy. Sorry, it is not. Muslim women have been discriminated against as a result of them wanting to freely wear a piece of cloth on their Hair. 50 years ago if you wore more clothes it was seen by the wider society as someone who is modest. Modesty these days in the eyes lustful men is if a woman reveals her flesh more then she is “liberated”. Every woman should have a right to wear what they like. Why is always men have to dictate what a woman can wear or not? Why can’t you men just leave woman alone to wear what they want to wear? Leave them alone.

Although this ruling is welcome, however, there needs be more done.

France 24

A French court on Saturday suspended municipal by-laws banning religious symbols from a public beach in the Paris suburb of Wissous, under which two mothers wearing Muslim headscarves had been refused access.

The Versailles Administrative Court ruled on Saturday that the municipality could not stop beach-goers from wearing religious signs, pending a final ruling on the merits of the case.

Emergency legal action by the French government and the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) targeted by-laws enacted in June to police the temporary beach installed in Wissous for the summer.

Wissous Mayor Richard Trinquier, of the right-wing UMP party, had been at the beach the previous Saturday and had made the decision to turn the women away. Wissous is about 30 kilometres south of Paris and is a popular summer leisure spot.

Trinquier told the hearing the beach rule protected France’s commitment to secularism. He said it was in no way an obstacle to the practice of religion, but that there had been an increasing presence of religious symbols in public, which were “an obstacle to living together”.

The rule “violates a fundamental freedom, the freedom of religious belief”, argued the lawyer for the CCIF, Sefen Guezguez. He said it showed a misunderstanding of the law.

In 2011, the French government banned the covering of one’s face in public. The law was aimed at the Muslim burqa, which covers a woman’s face leaving only her eyes visible. But the women involved in the beach incident were wearing hijabs, which cover the hair and ears but leave the face bare.

Read the entire article hereFrance24

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