Meet the Categories of Anti-Muslim Hate Deniers

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By tellmama

We thought it was about time to categorise some of the groups of people out there who deny anti-Muslim hate or who become ‘activists’ against Muslim communities. So here we go, meet the anti-Muslim hate deniers and those geniuses out there whose life revolves around denying the undeniable. Meet the (i) aggressive denier (ii) the mosque building denier (iii) the passive aggressive denier (iv) the‘laissez-faire’ denier (v) the peaceful co-existence denier and (vi) the ‘head in the sand’ deniers.

Anti-Muslim Hate Deniers


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  1. If you think Muslims are our #1 enemy, you have fell for the propaganda and the time to educate yourself is now.

    Muslims are not the ones passing toxic legislation destroying American Democracy here at home. Muslims are not the ones taking America to immoral wars fought for corporate profits. Muslims are not the ones making American citizens prone to cancer by poisoning your food and water. Muslims are not the corrupt police officers killing your citizens on American soil. Muslims are not the ones enforcing a war on drugs while smuggling illegal drugs into your country at the same time.

    If you think Muslims are your #1 enemy, your perspective on reality is irrational.

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