Far-Rightists Threaten UK Muslims Fun Day [Legoland]

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lego land

The day of “Halal entertainment” was suggested after MRDF hired Legoland Park in Windsor, Berkshire, on March 9.

By OnIslam & Newspapers

CAIRO – A family event planned to offer British Muslim children a day of fun at famous Legoland has been targeted by far right and neo-Nazi extremists, planning demonstrations against young Muslim children and attacking the park’s pages on social websites.

“It’s just a fun day, this is for children,” one Muslim woman considering taking her child to Legoland told The Express on Sunday, February 16.

The plans for the fun day were announced by Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) after they hired Legoland Park in Windsor, Berkshire, on March 9.

The day of “Halal entertainment” was suggested after the success of an earlier event that was hosted in Chessington World of Adventures theme park in Surrey for an Eid Fun Day last November.

“By the Grace of Allah … we are launching our 2nd Family Fun Day at Legoland Windsor Resort – with the hope that the two events will become the standard and annual fundays for decades to come, insha’Allah,” the organizers’ website reads.

“Family Fun Day is a family centered event where we aim to bring Halal entertainment/environments for Muslim families in the West.

“The aim is to provide a true alternative in which like minded families can enjoy safe and enjoyable time while at the same time conducive to their faith.”

Hearing about the plans, English Defence League and the neo-Nazi linked Casuals United have threatened demonstrations at the Berkshire park.

The EDL and Casuals United have mocked up an offensive poster for the demo featuring Lego “warden” welcoming two other Lego figures: one dressed like a terrorist holding a gun and another in a full Burka.

The message from the warden reads: “Muslim welcome. We hate Christians.”

There was “a great deal of resentment building up against Legoland” in the town, Tom Bursnall, a Ukip councillor in Windsor, said.

“There should be a peaceful demonstration. Residents are up in arms about this.”

Criminal Offense

Rejecting the planned event, EDL and Casuals United have been inundating Legoland with abusive phone calls and messages on Twitter and Facebook calling for bosses to cancel the event.

The abuse became so upsetting for Legoland fans and staff that police asked the company to take down its Facebook account while they investigated.

“These types of messages will not be tolerated and may constitute a criminal offence,” Thames Valley Police said, adding that any demonstration would be policed in a proportionate way.

“An investigation is underway to identify whether any offence has been committed and to identify those responsible.”

Meanwhile, the Muslim organization asserted that their event at Legoland Park was open to all faiths, to promote harmony and respect among UK faiths.

“The Family Funday 2014 at Legoland is an opportunity for the UK public to gather with British Muslims in a relaxed family environment,” MRDF said in a statement on Saturday.

“It is open to people from all faiths and cultures in an open and welcoming environment without the promotion of any particular ideology.

“The real concern here is the threat to the cohesion of our community by far right groups linked to the EDL and Christian Patrols.

“We should not be intimidated by violent threats to our way of life.

“MRDF, a charity governed by English Law, have consistently promoted non-violence and political participation in the UK.

“All of our volunteers, staff and trustees are well respected members of the community and have worked in varies capacities as promoters of harmony and respect among all communities.”

Hostility against British Muslims, estimated at nearly 2.7 million, has been on the rise since 2005’s 7/7 attacks.

A Financial Times opinion poll showed that Britain is the most suspicious nation about Muslims.

A poll of the Evening Standard found that a sizable section of London residents harbor negative opinions about Muslims.


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