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Attacks on halal butcher, mosque shock Quebec community

DTT: When the Canadian environment gets poisoned with words by some politicians and media outlets this is the result you get. A Halal butcher shop and a mosque was vandalised in Quebec, Canada. One must remember, a person at home does not all of a sudden wake to hurt or break another person’s property because… Read More ›

Common misconception about the Quran

plan of the proposed new Cambridge Mosque

Fascists threaten to ‘burn’ planned Cambridge mosque as city shows its support for the £17m project

By RAYMOND BROWN Outraged anti-fascists have hit back at a threat to “burn” a planned mosque in Cambridge’s Mill Road.Cambridge Unite Against Fascism (CUAF) was reacting to a 1,600-signature petition against the £17.5 million mosque in another attack by the English Defence League (EDL).And a protest group was also criticised for a legal application to block… Read More ›

Far-Rightists Threaten UK Muslims Fun Day [Legoland]

By OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – A family event planned to offer British Muslim children a day of fun at famous Legoland has been targeted by far right and neo-Nazi extremists, planning demonstrations against young Muslim children and attacking the park’s pages on social websites. “It’s just a fun day, this is for children,” one Muslim… Read More ›

Meet the Categories of Anti-Muslim Hate Deniers

By tellmama We thought it was about time to categorise some of the groups of people out there who deny anti-Muslim hate or who become ‘activists’ against Muslim communities. So here we go, meet the anti-Muslim hate deniers and those geniuses out there whose life revolves around denying the undeniable. Meet the (i) aggressive denier (ii) the mosque… Read More ›

Middle schooler accused of hate crime in alleged attack on fellow student

By Amanda Marrazzo, Special to the Tribune The eighth-grader had just left his middle school lunchroom when he said he exchanged a few words with another student, who then attacked him “out of the blue.” According to the account of both the eighth-grader, Omid Babakhani, and police, the other student tackled Omid to the ground… Read More ›

Mothering In An Age Of Gendered Islamophobia

This article was originally published at wood turtle. This is the second post in my series on the media stereotyping of Muslim women. While some media argue that (identifiable) Muslim women are more likely to suffer Islamophobic attacks than men, I also recognize that Muslim men and non-Muslim men are also recipients of racial and anti-Muslim violence. This post looks specifically at Gendered… Read More ›

oded Ku Klux Klansmen posed for this exclusive picture Sept. 2, 1962 as they burn a cross as part of a statewide demonstration against racial integration in Talluah, Louisiana

Islamophobia: The New Anti-Semitism

Islamophobia: the new anti-Semitism When I was growing up in Gainesville, Florida, the Klan was still a force. Now a pastor wants to burn the Qur’an, what’s changed? By Mya Guarnieri The New York Times is reporting that a pastor in my hometown of Gainesville, Florida is planning to “commemorate” 11 September 2001 by publicly burning the… Read More ›

Letter: Sharia law no threat to U.S. Constitution

DTT: Conspiracy theorists, right-wing bigots for years have peddled the lie that Muslims want to take over governments. In reality this lie pushed by propagandists in order for the wider public to hate Muslims. By Nathan C. Lean Researcher, Georgetown University Sunday’s letter, “Sharia law will overtake U.S. if we’re not vigilant,” is a typical display of… Read More ›