Letter: Sharia law no threat to U.S. Constitution

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DTT: Conspiracy theorists, right-wing bigots for years have peddled the lie that Muslims want to take over governments. In reality this lie pushed by propagandists in order for the wider public to hate Muslims.

By Nathan C. Lean Researcher, Georgetown University

Sunday’s letter, “Sharia law will overtake U.S. if we’re not vigilant,” is a typical display of the relationship between ignorance and prejudice.

The letter writer’s claim that Muslims hope to take over the United States through the imposition of Sharia law is false. It undermines the constitutional pillars he so admires.

While polls shows that many Muslims living in Muslim-majority countries want their religious values to govern their daily lives, the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding reports that American Muslims are content with this country’s secular legal system and just as unwilling as non-Muslims to accept Islamic law.

At the highest estimates, the percentage of Muslims in the United States would reach only 2 percent, making it virtually impossible for those who do want Islamic law to have any influence.

The writer cites church bombings in Egypt as evidence that a similar fate may one day reach our shores. But if he cared about the Constitution, he’d express concern that houses of worship are already under attack here in the U.S: mosques. The American Civil Liberties Union’s anti-mosque activity project maps at least 70 occasions since 2008 in which American mosques have been targeted with criminal acts.

And there is not a single case in America where a court ruling that invoked Islamic law was allowed to stand. Alas, the Constitution remains supreme, despite the fact that people like the letter writer, by wishing Muslims out of its protections, are trying to rip it apart.


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