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Jewish Man Attacked At College; Muslim Student Came To Victim’s Aid

A 24-year-old Jewish man was attacked at Brooklyn college. The victim was talking to a few friends when he turned around he was punched repeatedly. The police have confirmed this as a hate-crime. The fascinating part of this story, after the Jewish man was attacked, a Muslim woman came to his aid. The Muslim student… Read More ›

Teacher Under Investigation Over Allegation of Calling Muslim Student “Terrorist”

  Rotherham’s local paper, The Star, reports that a teacher is under police investigation over allegations that s/he called a 14 year old Muslim pupil a “terrorist” in class. The local paper reports that the parents Aman Ghani lodged a complaint after their son returned home from Clifton School “tearful and distraught”. The Muslim pupil has… Read More ›

16-Year-Old Boy Arrested On Suspicion Of Murdering Saudi Student Nahid

A Muslim University student who was stabbed more than 15 times last year, Police have arrested a person. Police have made progress and have confirmed that they have arrested a 16 year old boy on suspicion of murdering Saudi University student Nahid Almanea. The Independent reports: A 16-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of… Read More ›

A Teacher Allegedly Called A Kid “Rag-Head Taliban”

DTT: With the spread of Islamophia rampant in America, innocent Muslims get targeted by right-wing racist thugs. Even kids don’t escape racism hurled at them. By CBS Miami Here is a story of a 14, named, Deyab-Houssein Wardani, who was alleged to have been called by his teacher, “rag-head Taliban”, or other times (other days) just ‘Taliban’.  This… Read More ›

Student Suing Former Boss For Defamation

By  Tina Tenneriello – CJAD.com A former Concordia student and employee has filed a complaint with the labour board and is suing the Associate Director of Athletics because she says he harassed her after she refused to tell a Muslim colleague to stop praying in the gym. Rose Tandel says she worked as a first… Read More ›

How Duke University Was Pressured Into Bigotry Against Islam And Its 700 Muslim Students

Duke University has over 700 Muslim students from all over the world. They represent, in Duke’s own words, ” a strikingly different face of Islam than is seen on the nightly news: one that is peaceful and prayerful.” These students pay Duke’s premium tuition costs and excel in every way. So, when, in the wake… Read More ›

Devout Christian charged with fatally shooting fiancée, making it look like suicide

By Erin Edgemon JACKSON, Tennessee — A Christian ministry student has been charged with killing his fiancée and attempting to make her death look like a suicide. Charlie Pittman, 21, a student at Union University in Jackson, Tenn, is charged with first-degree murder and tampering with evidence in connection with the fatal shooting of his… Read More ›

Middle schooler accused of hate crime in alleged attack on fellow student

By Amanda Marrazzo, Special to the Tribune The eighth-grader had just left his middle school lunchroom when he said he exchanged a few words with another student, who then attacked him “out of the blue.” According to the account of both the eighth-grader, Omid Babakhani, and police, the other student tackled Omid to the ground… Read More ›