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Two Israelis Found Guilty Burning Alive of Palestinian Kid

  A court in Jerusalem has found two Israeli settlers guilty of the murder and the kidnapping of a Palestinian kid, Mohammed Abu Khdeir. Mohammed Abu Khdeir, 16, in the year 2014, 2nd July was kidnapped by three Israelis and subsequently burned alive later in the day. I doubt any justice will be served on… Read More ›

Two State Solution? Netanyahu: We Will Not Hand Over Even ‘One Meter’ Of Land

You will always hear from our “so-called friends”, in the “only democracy in he Middle-East” – Israel, that they are always up for negotiations and are up and ready to have a two state solution. But in reality, the right-wing politician’s words are mere lip service. In actual reality they are taking away land from… Read More ›

Headteacher Refers To ‘Prevent Strategy’ In Letter To MP About Refusing Muslim Pupils A Prayer Room

  The headteacher of a Bradford school at the centre of a legal dispute arising over its decision to refuse Muslim pupils a room to perform their daily prayers is said to have referred to the Government’s counter radicalisation strategy, Prevent, in a letter to a local MP setting out the school’s position. The Huddersfield… Read More ›

Republican Threatens Refugees: “I’ll Shoot Them Myself” To “End Their Miserable Lives!”

The Nevada Republican who sent out a Christmas card featuring armed toddlers has put her proverbial foot in her mouth once again – this time in a much more offensive fashion. Michele Fiore, Assembly woman of the Fourth District, when asked by a Las Vegas radio show about why she refused to sign a statement by Republicans opposing… Read More ›

American Muslim On Trump: ‘He is doing the Work Of ISIS (Daesh) … Creating War Between America And Islam’

Muslims around the world responded to Trump’s abhorrent call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), spoke to NPR: This is so dangerous… It’s amoral, it’s fascistic, it’s un-American, unconstitutional. And more than that, it’s actually very dangerous for the public safety of American Muslims and as… Read More ›

‘I Don’t Care’ About Opposition To My Ban-The-Muslims Plan, Says Trump.

Donald Trump’s brand new, in no way historically resonant idea to exclude all Muslims from the United States has drawn as much criticism as anything he’s said during his presidential campaign. (As much as the time he criticized John McCain, even!) But Trump has a simple answer for his critics: “I don’t care.” And also: Trump… Read More ›

Media’s Trump Honeymoon Phase Is Over…

Answering questions about his position statement suggesting America block immigration of Muslims, Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough got into a confrontation. Yesterday we began to suspect The Donald had finally Trumped the shark over his grossly offensive and stereotypical remarks toward Jews, but it’s his recent comments about Muslims that may be the beginning of… Read More ›

American Muslims Raise Over $100k (So Far) For San Bernardino Victims

A new campaign called Muslims United for San Bernardino has been created via LaunchGood “to assist victims’ families with funeral expenses and other needs.” In just four days, American Muslims have raised over $100,000 from donors across the country. So far, eighty percent of the current donations have come from American Muslims. This past year, a similar campaign was created by American Muslims who… Read More ›

The America Trump Wants: Severed Pig’s Head Found On The Doorstep Of Mosque

It’s no different than burning a cross on someone’s lawn: Philadelphia police, the FBI and the city’s human relations commission launched investigations Monday after a worker at North Philadelphia mosque found a severed pig’s head outside its door. Surveillance video outside the Al Aqsa Islamic Society mosque, on Germantown Avenue near Jefferson Street, showed a… Read More ›

Mark Zuckerberg States That Muslims Are “Always Welcome” On Facebook

In response to the recent anti-Muslim comments made by the Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said that Muslims are “always welcome” on his social media platform. The multi-millionaire social media tycoon posted the following statement on his personal Facebook page yesterday: “I want to add my voice in support of Muslims in… Read More ›