‘I Don’t Care’ About Opposition To My Ban-The-Muslims Plan, Says Trump.

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Donald Trump’s brand new, in no way historically resonant idea to exclude all Muslims from the United States has drawn as much criticism as anything he’s said during his presidential campaign. (As much as the time he criticized John McCain, even!) But Trump has a simple answer for his critics:

“I don’t care.”

And also:

Trump said Tuesday that what he’s proposing is “no different” than President Franklin Roosevelt — “who was highly respected by all” despite his wartime measures that included putting Japanese-Americans in internment camps in the U.S.

Psst, Donald … that’s not the thing about Roosevelt that most Americans remember with the greatest pride. Even the ones who would have supported it at the time tend to realize, looking back, that it wasn’t the greatest. But predictably, here in the moment, Trump supporters are on board.

Trump seems to think he has a foolproof way to implement his little plan, but I’m betting it wouldn’t actually be as simple as “are you Muslim?” And, although Trump has said his ban would apply to Muslim-Americans re-entering the U.S. from abroad, no word on what he thinks should happen to Muslim-Americans in the military, currently risking their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan … maybe they’re supposed to join ISIS.

Source; DailyKos

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