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Expedition of Zaid ibn Haritha (Al-Jumum) To Banu Sulaym

Year 6 AH (628 AD) Banu sulaym (or Banu saleem – salim) had plotted attempts to attack Muslims before this. In fact, on some of these incidents they killed many Muslims. This expedition to Al-Jumum (Al-Jamum) led by Zaid ibn Haritha was most probably continuation of ongoing Battles against the enemy (Banu Sulaym). Imam Zaid… Read More ›

The Expedition Of Ukasha Bin Al-Mihsan To Banu Asad

It is claimed by some critics that Ukasha bin al-Mihsan was sent to attack Banu Asad bin Qhuzayma (or Khuzayma) to capture ‘booty/spoils’, and they use the following source to prove this. Ibn Sa’d: “SARIYYAH OF UKKASHAH IBN MIHSAN AL-ASADI TOWARDS AL-GHAMR Then occurred the sariyyah of Ukkashah ibn mihsan al-Asadi on al-Ghamr. The Ghamr… Read More ›

Nejd (Najd) Caravan Raid?

The interception of the caravan in Najd (Nejd) took place in the 3 AH (624 AD). The Quraysh sent Safwan Ibn Umayyah to Syria for trade. In reference to Quraysh, they had persecuted and murdered many Muslims. As a result of these actions of the Quraysh, the Muslims fought back against them. As a consequence… Read More ›

Scholars On The Battle Of Ditch (Khandaq)

Muhammad Al-Ghazali THE BATTLE OF THE DITCH / CONFEDERATES The groups of unbelievers were certain that they would not be able to vanquish Islam if they fought it separately, but they might achieve their aim if they all attacked Islam as one alliance. The Jewish leaders in the peninsula were more conscious of this fact… Read More ›

Expedition Of Muhammad Ibn Maslamah To Banu Bakr

The Expedition (Sariyyah) of Muhammed Ibn Maslamah took place in the year 627 AD (6 Hijri). Prophet Muhammed sent a  team of thirty companions under the leadership of Muhammed Ibn Maslamah on a mission to confront Banu Bakr (Banu Bakr bin Wa’il). The companions led a surprise attack on the enemy and they all fled…. Read More ›

Invasion Of Hamra al-Asad?

After the defeat of the Muslims at the battle of Uhud, the Quraysh retreating, some of the enemy talked among themselves to attack the Muslims again, since they were weak and wounded. The enemy talking with each other, one group prevailed over other and agreed that they will go back and slaughter more Muslims. News… Read More ›

Invasion Of Thi Amr (Dhu Amarr)?

News had reached the Prophet that Banu Muharib and Banu Talabah tribes, who were in alliance together were planning to raid Madina and harm the Prophet (p). Hence, the Prophet prepared with his Companions to engage the enemy. Historical report Kitab al-tabaqat al-kabir – Ibn Sa’d: “GHAZWAH OF THE APOSTLE OF ALLAH, AGAINST THE GHATAFAN… Read More ›

Invasion of Banu Qaynuqa?

Kaleef K. Karim The Banu Qaynuqa Jews joined a pact with the Muslims, known as the constitution of Madina. With this pact, it was written in the event of an attack by an enemy that the Jewish tribes would join in the defense. Furthermore, in the pact it was also stated that whoever is in… Read More ›

Scholars On The Banu Qaynuqa Incident

Scholars On the Banu Qaynuqa incident. Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani GHAZWA BANI QAINUQI (SHAWWAL, 2ND HIJRA I.E., MARCH 624 C.E.). The victory at Badr had made the Jews more apprehensive. They had seen how Islam was growing into a power. The Qainuqa, the bravest and the most powerful of all the Jewish tribes, were the… Read More ›

Scholars On The ‘Invasion’ of Sawiq

Scholars on the ‘invasion’ of Sawiq. Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani: “Abu Sufyan was now the chief of the Quraish, and as such his first duty was to be revenged for Badr. On the return of the Quraish from Badr, he took a vow never to dress his hair with oil and never to take an… Read More ›