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80% Halal, 0% Kosher Meat Stunned, BUT “Muslim Ignorance” Is The Headline

According to an article written by the journalist Ben Webster, for The Times, the following statistic was shown by him: – 80% of Halal Meat is stunned – 0% of Kosher meat is stunned BUT “Muslim ignorance” is the headline for his piece: “Animals dying in pain because of Muslim ignorance over stunning” This is… Read More ›

Halal Has No Links To “Terrorism”

Australia: An inquiry launched by Senator Cory Bernardi into Halal food certification has found it has no link to terrorism or organised crime. 1. LINK – No ‘direct linkages’ between halal certifiers and terrorism, inquiry hears. (The Guardian). 2. LINK – No halal link to terror, inquiry told. (Yahoo Australia). 3. LINK – No halal link to terror,… Read More ›

Fascist Group Britain First Launch “Anti-Halal Operation” In Dartford

  Kent Online reports that members of the far-right party, Britain First, have been accused of targeting restaurant owners in Dartford over the use of halal meat. Britain First leader, Paul Golding, was filmed in Dartford’s town centre last Friday saying that the organisation has started a nation-wide “anti-halal operation.” The 10-minute video, which deliberately… Read More ›

Far-right Round Up – Halal

By Matthew Collins / Hope Not Hate Britain First led the way this week when they managed to produce the world’s smallest Nazi newspaper. Britain First claim they have printed 30,000 copies of their mini-paper. Obviously nobody told them that they have to actually sell them to make the actual money they think they are… Read More ›

Right Wingers Taunting Muslims With Images Of Pork Are Bringing Back An Anti-Semitic Trope

By Zaid Jilani – Alternet.org It is sadly common to see grassroots conservatives engage in Islamophobia – it’s one of the most acceptable types of hate for the modern Republican Party. One way of spreading this hate is to mock Muslims with pigs or pork. Here’s one example, posted on the day of the Paris… Read More ›

‘It’s Pork Or Nothing’, French Mayor Tells Schoolchildren

DTT Comment: Muslims are not the only people that don’t eat pork, there are religious and non-religious that don’t eat pork. They’re not asking for any special treatment. Nor are they asking for Halal or Kosher food, all they asking for is that they be given a ‘meal with substitute protein’. By TheLocal.fr A mayor in… Read More ›

French Politician Asks if Palestinian Children Killed In Gaza Are “Halal Meat”

By Ali Abunimah –  Electronic Intifada In an extreme sign of the anti-Muslim hatred and pro-Israel sentiment among France’s political elite, an elected official took to Twitter to ask mockingly if Palestinian children killed in Israel’s onslaught on Gaza were “halal meat.” Jacques Renaud, the deputy mayor of Montreuil-Juigné in western France, uses Twitter to post a constant stream of… Read More ›

Poland: Catholic Church Defends Ritual Slaughter

By Adam Ross – israelnationalnews.com Poland’s senior Catholic clergy say Jewish ritual slaughter must be reinstated in the country to protect religious freedom.   The Body representing the Catholic Church in Poland has said the right of Jews and Muslims to carry out their religious practices must not be infringed. The Presidium of the Polish Episcopal Conference issued… Read More ›

Halal Hysteria: It’s About Muslims, NOT Animal Welfare

By Dr Chris Allen Lecturer in Social Policy & independent adviser to the Government on Anti-Muslim Hate huffingtonpost.co.uk Here’s a controversial statement: the recent anti-halal hysteria has nothing to do with the welfare of animals. It’s just good old-fashioned Islamophobia. This is not to say that some people don’t have sincere concerns about the way in which… Read More ›

Denmark’s ritual slaughter ban says more about human hypocrisy than animal welfare

Andrew Brown To complain about the halal or kosher slaughter of battery chickens or factory farmed veal is a truly monstrous absurdity “Animal welfare takes precedence over religion” declared Denmark’s ministry of agriculture when a ban on ritual slaughter came into effect this week. There were immediate accusations of antisemitism and Islamophobia from Jews and Muslims,… Read More ›