80% Halal, 0% Kosher Meat Stunned, BUT “Muslim Ignorance” Is The Headline

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According to an article written by the journalist Ben Webster, for The Times, the following statistic was shown by him:

– 80% of Halal Meat is stunned
– 0% of Kosher meat is stunned

BUT “Muslim ignorance” is the headline for his piece:

“Animals dying in pain because of Muslim ignorance over stunning”

This is the exact words Ben Wesbter wrote (Environment editor) for The Times:

“What proportion of kosher and halal meat comes from stunned animals?
No animals slaughtered for kosher met are stunned. Up to 80 per cent of halal meat is from stunned animals. For chickens there are questions over the effectiveness of the stun at some halal abattoirs.” (Animals dying in pain because of Muslim ignorance over stunning“, by Ben Webster (Environment editor), in The Times, 24th October, 2016)

Where is the fairness here? Is fairness too much to ask? Of-course, Muslims aren’t pointing fingers here, but where is the consistency in this article?

One would expect the writer to be consistent/fair and make a bigger deal of the 0% Kosher meat, but all I read throughout the article is but silence. Would Ben Webster dare write the exact same drivel about those who eat Kosher? He wouldn’t dare do so, he would lose his job before he blinks his eyes.

The 80% of Halal meat being stunned is also reported by British Veterinary Association (BVA):

“- over 80% of UK Halal slaughter is pre-stunned” (“BVA calls on Government to end non-stun slaughter on day of Parliamentary debate”, Online source)

The study that was quoted, the authors say they were misrepresented by the media. See the full article: “Halal meat study press coverage misleading and ‘insulting’ to Muslims, author claims“.

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Screenshot credit: The Times

Screenshot credit: The Times

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  1. Thus you don’t publish comments that debate with your assumptions?

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