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80% Halal, 0% Kosher Meat Stunned, BUT “Muslim Ignorance” Is The Headline

According to an article written by the journalist Ben Webster, for The Times, the following statistic was shown by him: – 80% of Halal Meat is stunned – 0% of Kosher meat is stunned BUT “Muslim ignorance” is the headline for his piece: “Animals dying in pain because of Muslim ignorance over stunning” This is… Read More ›

Prophet Muhammed Prohibited Mutilation

The second Caliph Umar Ibn Khattab condemned some boys for mutilating an animal. The Prophet Muhammed cursed the one that did this such heinous crime against an animal (p). Abu Abdullah Ahmad bin Muhammad Bin Hanbal Ash-Shaibani (780 – 855 CE): “3133. Sa’eed bin Jubair said: I walked with Ibn Umar and Ibn Abbas through… Read More ›

Man Charged With Public Order Offence Over Pigs’ Heads Outside Solihull Centre

  The Birmingham Mail reports on the court appearance of a man charged with a racially aggravated public order offence following the discovery of a bag containing pig’s heads outside Solihull Community Hub last April. Rumours that the building was being used as an ‘unauthorised’ mosque were in circulation earlier this year with the windows… Read More ›

“Shocking! Mob Ties A Noose Around The Neck Of This Cow Trader And Makes Him Utter ‘Jai Shri Ram’”

By Emperor In France, it’s the politics of pork, in Sri Lanka and India it’s over meat in general.(h/t: Saqib) By Mugda Kapoor, India Times Modi might have said that his Government would not allow any religious group belonging to a majority or a minority to incite hatred, but things in India are far from… Read More ›

Hindu Extremists Brutally Beat-Up Muslim Driver

Hindu Extremists brutally beat up a Muslim driver who transports cows. In the video, it shows them forcing the driver to praise the Hindu ‘gods’ and at the same time shouting someone to bring pork so they can make the driver eat it.

A Lion with a Christian heart