FICTION: Swedish Boy Attacked By Muslim Immigrants For Having Blue Eyes

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There has been so many lies spread by Neo-Nazis and far-right extremists on Facebook pages, twitter and other social media platforms. These type of lies are perpetuated by some media outlets and Neo-nazi groups in order to start race wars. There is a clear intent behind this.

Any story about Sweden or Germany is twisted and false lies are spread to blame Muslims. Example, when crime is going down, somehow they will try and twist statistics to shift the problems on to immigrants and Muslims.

(1) – “Sweden’s Sexual Crimes Have Gone Down Contrary To What Xenophobes Peddle” (2017)

(2) – “Sweden’s Crime Rate Is Down, Statistics 2005 – 2015

Even when there is no crime, there are groups out there deliberately paying kids to stoke up hatred against Muslims and immigrants:

– “Swedish teenagers claim Russian TV crew offered to bribe them to cause trouble after Trump comments” (* *)

This time around, a maul victim from a dog is now being blamed on Muslims. A 4-year-old was bitten by a dog in the year 2008. Some blogs are using the picture of the victim and claiming that “Muslim Arabs” attacked the boy for having “blue eyes” in Sweden. This is total fabrication, intended to start hate and attacks against the Muslim community.

The Wales Online newspaper reports:

“This image of a four-year-old girl savaged in a dog attack has been shared hundreds of times on Twitter with the claim it was a boy in Sweden attacked by Muslims.

Canadian Twitter user, David G Gowing posted the pictures of Sophie Willis

The self-proclaimed “Trump supporter” tweeted: “12 yr old Swedish boy beaten by Islamic terrorists because his eyes are blue!”

But the images in fact showed the aftermath on the attack on young Sophie, who was four at the time, when she was attacked by her family dog in 2008 in Cardiff Bay .”

Read the entire article here…


This fabrication was actually started by JewsNews website, a right wing anti-Muslim site based in the USA, a few years ago. Some readers posted the correct version of the story on their web page and they were ridiculed by their readers. They continue to believe such rubbish despite there being no evidence. Most of the commentators on that site are full of hate and believe anything that is about Muslims.


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Credit Facebook: Wales Online

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