Sweden’s Sexual Crimes Have Gone Down Contrary To What Xenophobes Peddle

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It is commonly claimed (and implied) in some media outlets and right-wing blogs that the more immigrants or refugees come to Europe the more likely the crime rate goes up. Where so an immigrant population increases so do rape incidents, as they claim. Sweden has been dubbed by them as the “rape capital”.

We have taken our time out to present evidence to refute this malicious xenophobic propaganda peddled against innocent immigrants and refugees. This evidence is directly taken from The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

Over 80.000 new immigrants and refugees moved to Sweden in 2013 – 2014. According to anti-immigrant/refugee campaigners, this would mean that sex crimes increased? To the contrary, police records show that in that year the sexual offenses reported actually went down (“Percentage exposed to sex offenses“):


Credit: Bra.se

Notice the above, the maximum increase of sexual crimes committed against women from 2005 to 2014 in percentage wise was 0.8%. Does this 0.8% increase in sexual crimes against women from 2005 – 2014 justify the hysteria and bashing of innocent refugees who ran away from war to find a safe haven? Does this propaganda, perpetuated by some media outlets and right-wing blogs not look more like a pure racist campaign against a vulnerable people because of their skin colour or faith? Note, no evidence is ever presented for the identity of these individuals for the increase of 0.8% for the 9-year period, yet some media outlets have time and time again perpetuated false claims of rape incidents increasing in numbers never seen before – this is totally false. Bare in mind that 0.8% increase is in relation to suspected cases, that percentage will dramatically decrease when all the false reports are taken away.

I may add also the figures for 2005 – 2014, in which the above sexual offenses diagram went to 0.8% increase (2005), that increase is in suspected incidents only, hardly a spike in sexual crimes as some claim. This slight spike may be due to sexual crimes in families. Close relatives sometimes are more often at times to abuse their relative females. A read further down, shows that sexual crime increased only in the category where the criminal knew the victim to the extent of being a close relative or family member. Other categories have gone down. Similarly, the only way to draw a complete conclusion on whether the sexual crime category has increased or decreased, readers have look at the statistics on the number of convictions in that category of crime, which will be shown further down.

International-Affairs columnist Doug Saunders, from The Global And Mail sums up how the law in Sweden is drastically different to other countries:

“‘What we’re hearing is a very, very extreme exaggeration based on a few isolated events, and the claim that it’s related to immigration is more or less not true at all,’ says Jerzy Sarnecki, a criminologist at Stockholm University who has devoted his career to the study of criminality, ethnicity and age.

Sweden does indeed have far more reported cases of sexual assault than any other country. But it’s not because Swedes – of any colour – are very criminal. It’s because they’re very feminist. In 2005, Sweden’s Social Democratic government introduced a new sex-crime law with the world’s most expansive definition of rape.

Imagine, for example, if your boss rubbed against you in an unwanted way at work once a week for a year. In Canada, this would potentially be a case of sexual assault. Under Germany’s more limited laws, it would be zero cases. In Sweden, it would be tallied as 52 separate cases of rape. If you engaged in a half-dozen sex acts with your spouse, then later you felt you had not given consent, in Sweden that would be classified as six cases of rape.

The marked increase in rape cases during the 2000s is almost entirely a reflection of Sweden’s deep public interest in sexual equality and the rights of women, NOT of attacks by newcomers.” (“Sweden’s rape crisis isn’t what it seems”, (Last acessed 25th February 2017), online source, http://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/swedens-rape-crisis-isnt-what-it-seems/article30019623/ )

Readers should be also aware that “reported” cases do not equal to being proven in court. For example, if a woman accuses John of raping her, the Swedish system would lodge that in their database. That accusation would still stay in their database even if there is no evidence or even when it gets rejected in court. The accusation will stay lodged in their data. This is the case with fabricated stories as well, Swedish police record that as “reported” and lodge it in their database even though there is no evidence. So readers should bare that information in mind whenever you read “reported” in Sweden’s crime statistics. The way Sweden record crime is very different to other countries.

The relationship to the perpetrator in conjunction with sex offenses, 2005 – 2014 have stayed the same or decreased. In 2005, 64% of all sexual offenses were committed by individuals who were “Completely unknown”. However, in 2014 that percentage dropped to 63% of sexual offences committed by individuals who were “Completely unknown”.

If detractors claims are true that the rise of rape is due to brown people from MENA moving to Sweden, then why are the sex offenses committed by “Completely unknown” persons stayed the same or gone lower from 2005 – 2014?

Credit: Bra.se

Credit: Bra.se

In numbers – The relationship of the perpetrators in conjunction with sexual offences (“Relationship To The Perpetrator“, in the section of “Relationship to the perpetrator in conjunction with sex offences, 2005 – 2014”):

Relationship To The Perpetrator

2005 Completly unknown persons 64%

2014 Completly unknown persons 63%

2005 Acquaintance (have contact with, a friend) 27%

2014 Acquaintance (have contact with, a friend) 25%

2005 Close Relationship (family or related person) 9%.

2014 Close Relationship (family or related person) 11%.

This particular Statistic from “The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention” (“Brottsförebyggande rådet – Brå”) tells us that the increase in sexual offences, particularly rape increased only in cases where the victim knew the perpetrator or was a very close family member. The category of “Unknown persons” shows that the crime in this section which would account for people who do not know victim at all, and by Anti-immigrant activists logic would show that rape crimes committed by foreigners have decreased massively from the years 2005 to 2014.

Bare in mind that in that period, between 2005 – 2014 over 100,000 or more immigrants and refugees have come to Sweden. The Percentage of the total number of reported incidents by each form of relationship show that the claim being made that immigrants are a major factor in crimes skyrocketing is not true. The above evidence shows that sex crimes have actually stayed the same or gone down in between 2005 – 2014, as the above numbers show.

The main reason why Sweden’s reported rape rate went up (but for car thefts, murder, and the other statistics difficult to falsely report that doesn’t rely on the rate of reporting didn’t go up) was as a result of them ( the Swedish Government) changing the rape laws and definition of it in 2005, as “The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention” (“Brottsförebyggande rådet – Brå”) explain themselves:

“The number of reported rape offences has increased over the last ten years (2006-2015). The increase can be partially explained by the entry into force of new sex offence legislation on 1 April 2005. This legislation entails, among other things, that certain acts which were previously classified as sexual exploitation are now classified as rape. The effect of the statutory change appeared in the statistics such that the number of reported offences in respect of sexual coercion and exploitation declined in the years immediately following the statutory change while the number of reported rapes increased. As from 1 July 2013, the sex offence legislation was again made tougher; among other things rape was expanded to include cases where the victim reacts passively.”

Another thing which gave rise to reported cases was after the legislation in 2005 was passed, the newspapers and other big organizations encouraged Swedish women to report cases of rape. As such, many women felt comfortable that the society and the Police were with them, as such, the reported number of cases of rape also increased.

For example, in 2012 in Sweden, there was 6,324 rape or sexual offenses, but the number of suspected rapists was just over 1,010. This was as a result of the new legislation being passed in 2005 as we mentioned earlier. In Sweden, if you accuse one person of raping you 10 different times, these count as “10 different rape” charges. That’s why the number of rapists is so much lower than the number of rapes. These facts are related to us from ‘The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention’.

Reported Rape Incidence (Taken from The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, in the section of “Reported sex offenses” – 2006 – 2015):

Reported Sex Offences

2006, 4208 Cases

2007, 4749 Cases

2008, 5446 Cases

2009, 5937 Cases

2010, 5960 Cases

2011, 6532 Cases

2012, 6324 Cases

2013, 6017 Cases

2014, 6697 Cases

2015, 5918 Cases

Suspected rape allegations (Taken from The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, in the section of “Persons suspected of rape – All persons suspected of rape, 2006 – 2015“):

Persons suspected of Rape:

2006, 807

2007, 874

2008, 941

2009, 1029

2010, 1125

2011, 1054

2012, 1010

2013, 1062

2014, 1005

2015, 1070

Even though the numbers of reported rape have increased the convictions have actually stayed the same.

We are aware that there was a small percentage of rise in rape reporting over the span of the years after 2005. However, this correlates with studies which indicate that Swedes are a lot more likely to report sexual offences, as we mentioned it briefly earlier.

The number of convictions year on year has remained the same or sometimes has decreased (Taken from “The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention” in the section of “Persons found guilty of offenses
By principal offense, 1975–2014“):

Persons Found Guilty of rape

1991, 174 Persons

1993, 181 Persons

2005, 216 Persons

2006, 227 Persons

2007, 217 Persons

2008, 203 Persons

2009, 256 Persons

2010, 204 Persons

2011, 168 Persons

2012, 171 Persons

2013, 178 Persons

2014, 195 Persons

2015, 174 Persons

The above numbers from The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention database actually show that in the years 1991 – 1993 there was more rapists in prison convicted than in the years of 2011 to 2013. This clearly shows that the rise of immigrant population in Sweden did not increase rape crimes. Rather it was due to the legislation being passed in 2005 which made it a lot broader.

With all the above evidence in perspective, this clearly indicates that Swedes are more confident in reporting sexual assaults, even though they do not have the evidence needed to prove it. In other countries, for example, many women wouldn’t and can’t report sexual assaults as they would not be believed due to lack of evidence. This does not seem to be the case in Sweden with evidence also showing that women have a lot more trust in the police, as we briefly mentioned earlier as well.

Another way to debunk this false narrative, if the claim of anti-immigrant/Muslim activists are true, that crime increases, why did the crime of Threats, Harassment, Fraud, Assualt, and Mugging stay the same from 2005 to 2015 or decreased in some years massively?

Courtesy/Credit: Bra.Se

Courtesy/Credit: Bra.Se

This is the same with Property Offences in Sweden. The crime has stayed the same, even though in between 2005 – 2015, 10,000s of immigrants and refugees have moved to Sweden, but the crime of Bicycle theft, Theft from a vehicle, Burglary and Car theft has stayed the same or in some years have decreased:

Credit: Bra.Se

Credit: Bra.Se

Surely, one would see that the change of definition of rape, which is a lot broader in Sweden was one of the main factors for the increase of the numbers.

A Quora commentator, Marvin Dookharan rightly pointed out that nationalist right-wingers care less for the crime in Sweden. All they care about is the country being pure white. No brown people living there.

The question needs to be asked, why don’t nationalists, Anti-refugee activists just tell the truth that you care less about the crime or whatever, you just want to live in a homogeneous Whites-only type of society regardless of crime?

If Sweden had a 0% non-white population but the same crime statistics had similarly taken place no one would really care (an extremely low murder rate but high “reported” rape rate after they modified their rape laws).

For example, a look at Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia, these countries have the highest murder rates in Northern Europe but near 0% Muslim population (according to the 2010 Pew report) and also extremely low non-white populations so no one really cares about it or mentions these murder crimes.

If Sweden had a 0% non-white population but a high murder rate no one would care at all (just the same with Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia).

If Anti-refugee activists and nationalists care so much about actual crime in Europe why haven’ they helped out Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia for since they already have the closest things to homogeneous White populations already?

It is simple, “Who cares about crime? We just want to live in a Whites-only type of society, regardless of the crime”. ‘

This is nothing but pure racism.

Let’s not get distracted by these racist campaigns against minorities. Let’s not forget the racist campaigns were also run by the media and neo-Nazi groups against Caribbean arrivals in the early 1900s, when they came over to Britain. Regular accusation false rape claims were hurled at innocent black men by whites in the early 1900s (and before that) in America, which regularly resulted in the death of 100s or more innocent black families. Riots were started. Towns were ransacked and burned down by White lynch mobs.

Don’t feed the malicious lies constantly peddled. This propaganda campaign against minority communities In Europe has been perpetuated with the intend to start race wars. [1] Nothing different from the 1900s or before that, the only difference is that this time it is a different target i.e., the Muslims. Don’t be one of those on the wrong side of history.

The foregoing conclusion shows that the claims made by xenophobic anti-immigrant/refugee/Muslim activists are not really based on factual evidence, but rather on propaganda and media frenzy click bait articles. [2] The numbers speak for themselves. Sexual offences have stayed the same or have decreased. The increased number of cases reported had nothing to do with rapists increasing but rather it was mostly due to the rising trend for reporting the crime. A large portion of the increase occurred since 2005 when the new sexual offences legislation came into force as we showed earlier, which meant that some actions that were previously classed as sexual exploitation were now classed as rape.

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[1] One of the biggest riots started in Nottinghill in the 1950s, in Britain. Riots started when racist groups spread false rumours that a “black man” had raped a white woman:
“On the third day of the riots, he was arrested on Elgin Crescent shouting abuse at passing blacks. “The riots started off with a false rumour that a black man had raped a white girl. It was just fighting which grew bigger and everyone joined in. We were bored,” he said, matter-of-factly.” (“White riot: The week Notting Hill exploded”, (Last accessed 19th February 2017), online source, http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/white-riot-the-week-notting-hill-exploded-912105.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk )
[2] “Bild Apologizes for False Article on Sexual Assaults in Frankfurt by Migrants” (Last accessed 19th February 2017) https://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/29/world/europe/russia-dismisses-german-claims-of-exploiting-teen-rape-case.html?_r=0

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  1. JazakAllah kheir. I am born and raised in Sweden. What the outsider does not know is that muslims are being blamed for even the crimes of the non-muslims in this country. And I believe that this is not limited to Sweden. The attacks and false propaganda on the muslims have drastically increased with the creation of Isis.

  2. Hi, Michael, could you cite the source for 1.5%.

    BTW, the only increase was in the section related, family or close relative increased by 2%. So where the perpetrator new the person, that section increased where as “Unknown persons” stayed the same or decreased in some years.


  1. The Myth Of Crime Increasing When Refugees Come To Europe – Discover The Truth

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