Man Sentenced For Brandishing Meat Cleaver And Threatening “To Give P**** What They Deserve”

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The Huddersfield Examiner reports on the sentencing of a man who made racist comments about “giv[ing] the P**** what they deserve” while brandishing a meat cleaver in Dewsbury.

Jonathan O’Brian, 33, was swigging from a bottle of cider and walking along a footpath on 16 July with a meat cleaver tucked into the waistband of his jogging bottoms.

When he came across a man on the footpath, O’Brian stopped him, pulled out the meat cleaver and said “look at this”.

He then said to the man “I’m going to give the P**** what they deserve.” He used the cleaver to cut a bit off a plant and said “Look how sharp it is.”

He tucked the meat cleaver back into his waistband and repeated to the man “I’m going to give them what they deserve.”

The passer-by, who noticed young children also walking along the footpath, alerted the police.

When police arrived, O’Brian hid in bushes, concealed the meat cleaver in undergrowth and appeared before officers only holding the bottle of cider.

He was arrested and police records show that at the time of his arrest he was under a community order imposed on May 1 by Kirklees Magistrates for an offence of damage.

Appearing at Leeds Crown Court, O’Brian admitted having an offensive weapon and causing racially aggravated fear of violence.

Judge Sean Morris said a custodial sentence was “inevitable”.

He told O’Brian: “This is a very small island we live on and we have all got to get on. People wandering around making racist comments in terrifying circumstances such as this must expect the full weight of the law to come down on them.”

“This kind of behaviour causes divisions in society and problems for everyone and it has got to stop. This was carrying a sharp meat cleaver in public making threats to the Asian community at large, young children coming back from school in Dewsbury having to witness you drunk and wielding a weapon in public.”

O’Brian was jailed for 21 months.

Source: MEND

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