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Man Sentenced For Brandishing Meat Cleaver And Threatening “To Give P**** What They Deserve”

  The Huddersfield Examiner reports on the sentencing of a man who made racist comments about “giv[ing] the P**** what they deserve” while brandishing a meat cleaver in Dewsbury. Jonathan O’Brian, 33, was swigging from a bottle of cider and walking along a footpath on 16 July with a meat cleaver tucked into the waistband of his… Read More ›

Those who believe are responsible for exercising justice in an undivided manner both to earn Allah‘s approval, to lead their lives in peace and security

What Does Islam Teach about Justice?

Harun Yahya The true justice described in the Qur’an commands man to behave justly, not discriminating between people, protecting others’ rights and not permitting violence, no matter what the circumstances, to side with the oppressed against the oppressor and to help the needy. This justice calls for the rights of both parties to be protected… Read More ›