Exclusive: ‘I Tried To Burn Down Newtownards Mosque’ Brags Local Woman

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Sharon Mellor: Mosque burner?

Sharon Mellor: Mosque burner?

The fall out from Britain First’s visit to Newtownards in Northern Ireland and their mistake in confusing the Town Hall for a mosque has taken a bizarre turn, with a local woman now bragging that she tried to burn the mosque down!

Our story yesterday

Our story yesterday

Sharon Mellor, who lives in the town, was outraged to see Britain First had been to her local town to claim they are leading the campaign against a mosque there.

Mellor even claims she tried to “burn the fucker down…” in a rant against Britain First.



Mellor is a former associate of the EDL splinter group, the English Volunteer Force (EVF).

I’ll let the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) investigate these claims further…




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