‘Muslim-Free’ Arkansas Shooting Range Turns Away Brown-Skinned Father-Son Duo

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By Travis Gettys – Rawstory.com


A father and son say they were turned away from a “Muslim-free” Arkansas shooting range because they are brown-skinned.

The duo, who are not Muslim but are South Asian, said they were questioned about their religion and background while filling out paperwork at the Gun Cave in Hot Springs, reported the Arkansas Times.

The men told a woman at the counter they were from Hot Springs, and she informed them the business was “a Muslim-free shooting range,” and if they didn’t like that rule they should leave.

The younger man told the newspaper that they were not Muslim, but his father asked about the ban and they discussed the rule.

“Then, all of a sudden, I don’t know what went wrong, but she stopped us from filling out the paperwork and said, ‘I don’t think you guys should be here,’” the younger man said. “She told us to leave or she’d call the cops on us.”

The men decided to leave to avoid additional trouble, he said.

“We’re brown — I don’t know if she assumed we were Muslim,” said the younger man, who asked to keep his name out of the newspaper. “When she first asked us, she said, ‘I would hope if you were Muslim you guys wouldn’t be cowards and would be up front about it.’”

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  1. Sounds like the owners of that gun range are unfamiliar with this bit of legislation called The Civil Rights Act.

    • Christian fundamentalists believe that ‘The Civil Rights Act’ only applies to them. It does not apply to ‘other’ religions. They’re a special kind of stupid.

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