Brussels Diplomat Forcibly Removes Veil Of Qatari Princess

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DTT: Why can’t some people respect what a woman wants to wear? Is forcing a woman to wear something she does not like to wear mean that you are upholding democracy? What difference is this from the extremists in some countries where they impose what woman have to wear?

By Tarik El Barakah –

Brussels: Chief of Protocol strips a Qatari princess of her Niqab

Fez- Qatar and Belgium are on the brink of diplomatic tensions after the Chief of Protocol of the city of Brussels was reported to forcibly removing the Niqab of a woman who happened to be a Qatari princess (Sheikhah) travelling to the Belgian capital.

It all happened Last Thursday when the Qatari princess was making her way to the famous Grand Place in the center of Brussels with two other women. The three women had to ask someone with good knowledge of the city and they couldn’t be any luckier when thy addressed Jean-Marie Pire, the Chief Protocol of the City of Brussels himself.

According to media reports, Jean-Marie Pire, who was not in duty at the time of the incident, refused to answer their question. In addition, he jumped in to tear the Niqab off the woman’s face, but little did he know that he had just stripped a Qatari princess of her Niqab in the center of Brussels.

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