Joseph Caleca Yelled “Anti-Muslim” Remarks Before Hitting Sikh Man With His Truck

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DTT: Welcome to America. Where racism and white-supremacy is alive and well. Where innocent people get attacked because they happen to look different or follow a different faith to their own. Make no mistake these attacks do not happen out of a vacuum. The hate and propaganda is instilled in them from the media for years. This is the result of it.

By Ellen Yan –

A Setauket man who yelled “anti-Muslim” remarks at another man before running him over with his pickup truck in Queens is facing hate crime charges, authorities said Tuesday.

Joseph Caleca, 55, was arraigned Tuesday night on second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault charges as hate crimes and ordered held without bail.

Authorities said the attack occurred shortly after midnight on July 30 as Sandeep Singh, 29, of Valley Stream was getting out of his parked car in Ozone Park.

Singh, a Sikh, was blocking Caleca’s way on 99th Street near 101st Street, prompting Caleca to yell at Singh and his three friends, police said.

Caleca shouted “Osama” and “Go back to your country,” according to Queens prosecutors.

After parking his pickup and confronting the group, Caleca returned to his truck and drove head-on into Singh, prosecutors said.

After bumping Singh, prosecutors said, Caleca accelerated, running over the victim.

Singh, caught in the pickup’s undercarriage, was dragged for several feet before his body became dislodged, authorities said. Caleca then allegedly sped away.

The victim was taken to Jamaica Hospital with injuries to his back and abdomen and abrasions, police said.

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said Singh had to undergo surgery to stem internal bleeding.

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