Sparing the life of an ant is a favour that even Prophets can’t appreciate without God’s help

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Sparing the life of an ant is a favour that even Prophets can’t appreciate without God’s help.

Allah Almighty said:

“And when they came to the Valley of the Ants, one ant said, ‘Ants! Go into your homes, in case Sulaymān and his hosts unwittingly crush you.’ Sulaymān smiled broadly at her words and said, ‘Lord, inspire me to be thankful for the blessings You have granted me and my parents, and to do good deeds that please You; admit me by Your grace into the ranks of Your righteous servants.’” (27:18-19)

There are amazing lessons that can be taken from the statement of this weak creature. In the ant’s statement as mentioned by the linguists, eleven different linguistic subjects have been included. They are namely: calling, metaphor, alerting, naming, commanding, telling, warning, specifying, generalizing, pointing and excusing.

However, what concerns us here is that Allah has protected his Prophet, by the ant’s call, from killing an ant unknowingly. Thus, not a single ant was killed during the rule of the Prophet Sulaymān (upon whom be peace), not even by mistake, despite all his huge armies and followers. He smiled at its statement and asked Allah to help him in thanking Allah Himself as he was unable to thank Him enough for this great favour.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) once said:

“An ant bit one of the Prophets, so he ordered for the ant colony to be burnt down. Then Allah revealed to him, “An ant bit you so you wish to eradicate a whole nation from among the nations that glorify (Me)?”” (Bukhāri)

In this hadīth, Allah Almighty reproached his Prophet for killing ants and said, “You have eradicated a whole nation that glorifies Allah.”

Is it astonishing that our religion prohibits killing an ant yet some of those who call themselves Muslims kill all and sundry? They kill their neighbours, their own people and their brothers. They even kill Imams and worshippers in mosques, as well as other peaceful people.

Is this really Islam?

Why did Allah tell us the story of how Nūh (upon whom be peace) remained amongst his people, calling them to the truth for 950 years?

Why do some of us want to change people into Prophets in a single day? We are nowhere near as good as Nūh and our people are nowhere near as bad as his people were.

Why do some people become so extreme and hasten to kill, yet they forget their own recent past. They are as bad as their victims if not worse. Their victims might be better than them; who knows what their story was? They may just have needed someone to guide or teach them. The killer might be a young man with little knowledge and no experience. Isn’t it better for him to have patience until he has gained more knowledge? If he gains more knowledge as he gets older he might change his mind. If he commits such a heinous act then he would regret it but it would be too late.

Is Allah going to ask us in the Day of Judgement “why didn’t we kill so and so” or He is going to ask the killer “why did you kill so and so”, when the victim will come holding his head with his wound still bleeding and say, “Oh Allah, ask him why did he kill me?”


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