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“Believers Strive With Wealth, And Lives For Cause Of Allah…” – Surah 49:15

Background This verse was revealed towards the end of Prophet Muhammed’s (p) life-time in Madinah (Mawdudi). [1] Analysing Verse “The (true) believers are those only who believe in Allah and His messenger and afterward doubt not, but strive with their wealth and their lives for the cause of Allah. Such are the sincere.” – Quran… Read More ›

“Those With Him Are Severe Against The Unbelievers…” Surah 48:29

Background Historical sources tell us that this verse was sent down in A. H. 6 (Islamic calendar). At the time, Prophet Muhammad was returning to Madinah when he concluded the Truce of Hudaiybiyah with Quraysh. Analysing Verse “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate… Read More ›

“Strive In The Cause Of Allah With Your Wealth And Your Lives…” Surah 61:11-13

Background These verses were revealed just before the battle of Uhud, which occurred in the year 625 AD (Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi). [1] Analysing Verses 61:11 [It is that] you believe in Allah and His Messenger and strive in the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives. That is best for you, if… Read More ›

“Your Wives And Your Children Are Enemies To You…” – Surah 64:14 -16

Background These verses were revealed in Madinah (Abdullah Ibn Abbas). [1] Analysing Verses 64:14 O you who have believed, indeed, among your wives and your children are enemies to you, so beware of them. But if you pardon and overlook and forgive – then indeed, God is Forgiving and Merciful. 64:15 Your wealth and your… Read More ›

Christian Zionists At Its Core Are Anti-Semites

Christian Zionists At Its Core Are Anti-Semites. Republican opposition to the Iran nuclear deal is strong. Presidential hopefuls slammed the deal recently at a conservative summit in Iowa, drawing cheers from the crowd. We wanted to know what’s behind Republican support for Israel, particularly among conservative Christians. So we asked.

Atheist Charged With Shooting & Killing Three Muslim Students Execution Style

DTT Update: NewsObserver.com reports: Abu-Salha said his daughter who lived next door to Hicks wore a Muslim head scarf and told her family a week ago that she had “a hateful neighbor.” “Honest to God, she said, ‘He hates us for what we are and how we look,’” he said. Zaid Jilani Yesterday, three Arab students… Read More ›

‘Separation Of church And Hate’ Meeting Held In Dallas

By Marie Saavedra – WFAA.com DALLAS — A week after heated anti-Muslim protests outside an Islamic meeting in Garland, faith leaders gathered to discuss it at a Dallas church. Nearly every seat at Northaven United Methodist Church was full. In each sat people of varying religions, committed to what they called ‘the separation of church and… Read More ›

Student Suing Former Boss For Defamation

By  Tina Tenneriello – CJAD.com A former Concordia student and employee has filed a complaint with the labour board and is suing the Associate Director of Athletics because she says he harassed her after she refused to tell a Muslim colleague to stop praying in the gym. Rose Tandel says she worked as a first… Read More ›

Muslims Smeared As “Enemies” For Trying To Build A Mosque

By Azadeh Shahshahani – Alternet.org Denying people a permit to construct a place of worship because of their faith violates the law. Muslim-Americans in Kennesaw, Georgia who had hoped to use space in a retail shopping center as a prayer center recently had to confront hateful and ignorant comments from some residents, accusing them of being… Read More ›

How Duke University Was Pressured Into Bigotry Against Islam And Its 700 Muslim Students

Duke University has over 700 Muslim students from all over the world. They represent, in Duke’s own words, ” a strikingly different face of Islam than is seen on the nightly news: one that is peaceful and prayerful.” These students pay Duke’s premium tuition costs and excel in every way. So, when, in the wake… Read More ›