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Israelis Burn Palestinian Baby To Death

It has been reported that Jewish settlers fire-bombed A West-Bank house on a early Friday morning; Hebrew graffiti was found at the place reading, ‘revenge’ and ‘long live the Messiah’. A one-and-a-half year-old Palestinian baby was burned to death and three of his family members were seriously injured on Friday morning after their house was… Read More ›

Christian Zionists At Its Core Are Anti-Semites

Christian Zionists At Its Core Are Anti-Semites. Republican opposition to the Iran nuclear deal is strong. Presidential hopefuls slammed the deal recently at a conservative summit in Iowa, drawing cheers from the crowd. We wanted to know what’s behind Republican support for Israel, particularly among conservative Christians. So we asked.

Christian Zionists Expose Their Anti-Semitism At Conservative Summit In Iowa

A guerrilla-style documentary video produced by news organization AJ+ (which is part of the larger Al Jazeera Media Network) offers viewers a candid glimpse into the topsy-turvy world of American right-wing Christian Zionists (that is to say, Christians who believe God gave the land of historic Palestine to the Jewish people). Host Dena Takruri visited a conservative… Read More ›

Israel Seizes Nearly 800 Palestinian Firms In Jerusalem

DTT: Racially superior claim , racial segregation, stealing businesses of “inferior” races… I hope one day I do wake in a World where there is peace, Where there is no more hunger, no more violence, no more wars, no more racism and injustice. How could humans do this to each other? What have we become… Read More ›

Video: Israeli Police Invade Party And Demand All Non-Whites Produce Their Visas

Africans minding their own business at a party, all of a sudden Israeli Police officers descended on the premises and demanded all non-whites produce their Visas. Yes, you heard it right, “non-whites” only! All the white people that were there weren’t asked to show their Visas. This is the society of Israel, racism is rife…. Read More ›

Jewish Defense League (JDL) In Canada Threaten To “Derail” Conference

By Asa Winstanley / ElectronicIntifada.Net   The Canadian branch of the Jewish Defense League has threatened to “confront” and “derail” a conference on Christian Zionism this weekend. The comments, made on the extremist organization’s website, raise the specter of anti-Palestinian street violence, something the JDL is synonymous with. Taking place in Vancouver, this weekend’s conference… Read More ›

Jewish Defence League UK Extremists Sentenced For Assault On Palestine Activists

By Asa Winstanley / Electronic Intifada Two thugs affiliated with the Jewish Defence League UK were sentenced Monday to 150 hours of community service each and £1,140 ($1,700) in fines between them. Roberta Moore and Robert De Jonge assaulted two people at a Palestine literary festival in London in September. Last month a judge found… Read More ›

To Evangelicals, Zionism An Increasingly Tough Sell

By Ryan Rodrick Beiler / Electronic Intifada While the lobby giant AIPAC wields power in Washington, evangelical Christians have long been the grassroots base of Israel advocacy in the US. But that support is eroding. According to a National Association of Evangelicals poll, forty percent of US evangelical leaders have changed their thinking about Israel over… Read More ›

Israeli Foreign Minister Calls For Beheading Palestinians

By Ali Abunimah / Electronic Intifada   Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has taken his campaign of violent incitement against Palestinians to new extremes with a call for those disloyal to Israel to have their heads chopped off. He also repeated his long-standing demands for expulsion of Palestinian citizens of Israel. “Anyone who’s with us… Read More ›

Arsonists Torched Car of Rabbi Who Spoke Out Over Israeli Military Action In Gaza

DTT: This is typical behaviour of some of those pro-Israel supporters. They go to lengths to intimate, harass and even attack innocent people for their own goals. This time round, an innocent Rabbi was attacked by Israeli supporters for speaking out against the injustice perpetuated by the Israeli government against the Palestinians. By John Scheerhout… Read More ›