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VIDEO: Islamophobic Attack On Train, Perpetrator Either Drunk Or Mentally Unwell

A YouTube video of an Islamophobic attack on a train is going viral. However, it is unclear whether the perpetrator is heavily drunk or has mental health issues. WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE! Source: 5Pillarsuk.com

Hijabi Hero Rescues School-girl From Oncoming Train – Video

Police are Looking for a women in head-scarf (hijab) who rescued a little girl of a train track. A School-girl narrowly escaped death after a Muslim woman pulled her of the tracks of an oncoming train. The incident took place as the school-girl dropped what it appears from the video to be a hula hoop… Read More ›

Christian Man Attacked Muslim Hijabi-Woman On Train

The British Police have issued images of a Christian man in connection with a hate-crime on a Derbyshire train. The British Transport Police have appealed from the public for information about the depicted man, after a Muslim woman in Hijab was assaulted on a train between Matlock and Derby. The incident took place at around… Read More ›

Heroic Man Punched In The Face For Standing Up For Muslim Women Who Were Abused On Train

DTT: It’s really sad to see this in this day and age! Not every single Muslim you sit or stand or walk past is an extremist. When is this going to stop!? Disgraceful behaviour from this racist/bigoted men for abusing women for being Muslim. Respect to the man for defending those women from the bullies. Tammy Mills… Read More ›

Muslim Woman Attacked On Train

By TheLocal.at Zeliha Cicek is the third Muslim to have been assaulted in Vienna in the last month. Cicek, a school teacher and mother of three children, is ethnically Turkish. She said she was talking to her sister on an U3 underground train on her mobile phone when the woman started shouting at her in… Read More ›

No one is born racist

No one is born racist, that is true indeed! Source Triple Entray