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Britain First Leader Paul Golding Faces Sexual Assault Case And A Supporter Attempted To Murder Muslims

Jayda Fransen, who is the deputy leader of the far-right group whose posts were retweeted by the president of US, Donald Trump last week, she is accused of trying to persuade a victim of an alleged sexual assault from making an official complaint to the police. 31-year-old, deputy leader of the anti-Muslim group “Britain First”… Read More ›

Mass Rape Of Women By White Men In Sweden, Total Silence From Racists

Qasim Rashid, “Euro white supremacists scream if a sexual assault suspect is a POC. But I must have missed the outrage from Euro Islamophobes and White Supremacists at this mass sexual assault by White Men? They don’t care about women. They just need an excuse to promote their bigotry. If they cared about women they… Read More ›

Ryan McKelvey

Youth pastor changes plea to ‘guilty’, documents show

By Tad Davis DES MOINES, Iowa —A former youth pastor charged with sexual abuse and sexual exploitation has changed his plea to guilty, court records filed Tuesday show. Ryan McKelvey was charged with third-degree sexual abuse and two counts of sexual exploitation by a counselor or clergy. He initially pleaded not guilty to the charges in… Read More ›