Britain First Leader Paul Golding Faces Sexual Assault Case And A Supporter Attempted To Murder Muslims

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Jayda Fransen, who is the deputy leader of the far-right group whose posts were retweeted by the president of US, Donald Trump last week, she is accused of trying to persuade a victim of an alleged sexual assault from making an official complaint to the police. 31-year-old, deputy leader of the anti-Muslim group “Britain First” is said to have tried to persuade the victim not to complain after she alleged that she was sexually assaulted by the group’s leader, Paul Golding, in July this year. [1]

Fransen is accused of covering up this sexual assault by offering the victim anything she wanted. Fransen, is said to have tried to persuade the victim to keep quiet what Paul Golding had done to her. The victim filed a Police report on this incident. Another witness, Graham Morris testified to a number of newspapers the above account. [2]

Away from this, Graham Morris, who was Jayda Fransen’s ex-boyfriend, has come out recently after leaving the group. Graham Morris said that “Britain First” leaders were out of control. Morris is reported to have said that Britain First leaders boast about,

“inciting conflict with Britain’s Muslim community”.

Graham also revealed to the Guardian newspaper that “Britain First” members attempted to,

“plot large-scale anti-Muslim attacks, describing one such plan hatched after a Britain First demonstration in Birmingham in June.”

“They were talking about damaging mosques up and down the country, targeting them at the same time. I’ve got a young child, I didn’t want to be part of any mosque attacks, that sort of thing,” he said.

He also described how the group’s security guards would be told to “kick people’s doors in”, and that despite the group claiming officially to reject “racial hatred in all forms” some members were openly racist. [3]

Graham Morris, 54, lives near Hinckley, Leicestershire, he left Britain First several months ago after finding out what sort of a people they were. He said,

“I’ve got a young child, I didn’t want to be part of any mosque attacks, that sort of thing”.

“Britain First” supporters have been the headlines for violence.

This year, a Polish “Britain First” supporter shouted “white power” before driving his van at curry house owner, on the 23rd June, 2017.

The 48-year-old Polish-born Marek Zakrocki, aimed his white van at Kamal Ahmed and tried to pin him against Spicy Nights restaurant in Harrow, North London in June.

Passers by Heard the “Britain First” supporter, Marek Zakrocki shout,

“I’m going to kill a Muslim. I’m doing it for Britain. This is how I’m going to help the country. You people cannot do anything.” [4] [5]

When Zakrocki was arrested, Armed Police “found a Nazi coin in his pocket and Britain First magazines at his Harrow home.

Prosecutor Denis Barry stated that Zakrocki had in the past donated money to the anti-Islam Britain First group, which was thrust into the headlines last week when Donald Trump shared fake anti-Islam videos tweeted by its deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

As recently as last year, Thomas Mair, murdered Labour MP Jo Cox. Thomas Mair, was heard shouting “Britain First” whilst murdering Jo Cox in broad day light.

Graeme Howard, who was one of the witnesses told the Guardian that he heard the Neo-Nazi Thomas Mair, shout ‘Britain First’. [6]

Clarke Rothwell, who witnessed the murder, also told the BBC that he clearly, definitely heard the killer shout ‘Britain First, and ‘Put Britain First’. [7]

The Crown Prosecution service have also confirmed that Thomas Mair shouted ‘Britain First’, when he was stabbing and shooting Jo Cox. [8] [9]

We may ask, what does it take for the Government to ban this group?

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Jayda Fransen (Left) and Paul Golding (right) – Facebook

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