Mass Rape Of Women By White Men In Sweden, Total Silence From Racists

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Qasim Rashid,

“Euro white supremacists scream if a sexual assault suspect is a POC. But I must have missed the outrage from Euro Islamophobes and White Supremacists at this mass sexual assault by White Men?

They don’t care about women. They just need an excuse to promote their bigotry. If they cared about women they would be speaking up just as strongly against sexual assault by white men. But they won’t, because white supremacists and Islamophobes excuse white men from atrocities and would rather pretend it’s a racial issue—because they are racists and bigots. White, brown, whatever – sexual assault of women is a worldwide issue, a worldwide cancer, and won’t stop by demonizing one race of men. All Men need to stand united against this barbarity. Unfortunately men are not being accountable, at least not enough men and at least not yet.

How sad. My heart goes out to the women abused and I pray authorities take immediate action to hold the culprits accountable, whoever they are.”

The Guardian reports:

“Sweden’s largest music festival has been cancelled next year due to reports of rape and sexual assaults at the event over the weekend.

Allegations of rape and sexual assault at several music festivals in recent years have sparked outrage in Sweden.

Police in the south-eastern district of Östergötland, where the annual Bråvalla festival took place, said they received four rape and 23 sexual assault reports between Thursday and Sunday.

One woman said she was forced to have sex with a man after changing her mind.”

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The Telegraph reports that there has been similar mass rapes in previous years from the same event:

“Sweden’s biggest music festival will be replaced next year by a women-only alternative after reports of a series of rapes and sexual assaults at this year’s event.

Bråvalla Festival, which this year was headlined by The Killers, The Chainsmokers and Skepta, has been blighted by news of sexual crime since its inception in 2013, while last weekend saw four rapes and 23 sexual assaults reported over the course of the four-day event. In 2016, five rapes and 12 sexual assaults were reported from the event, with that year’s headliners Mumford & Sons and Zara Larsson later condemning the event and refusing to return.”

Read the entire article here…


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  1. How Dare You Post Such Things Don’t You Know That The White Christian Man Is Innocent and Pure Of Sin Only Muslims Do Evil Things In This World.

    Shame On You For Exposing Them

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