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Owen Jones, Orlando Killer Will Not Turn Muslims And LGBT Community Against Each Other – He “Will Fail” (VIDEO)

On the Orlando shooting: Owen Jones has said that the shooter will not in any way divide communities, speaking of Muslims and LGBT members. The attempt by killers like him to turn communities against each other, ‘will fail’. Here is his full script from the talk Owen Jones gave: The Terrorists in Orlando fail. And… Read More ›

Professor On Orlando Shooter, May Have Had Severe Mental Health Problems

Since Sandy Hook, there has been over 1000 ‘mass shootings‘ in the U.S. This year alone 2016, we haven’t even finished half of the year yet, there has been nearly 24000 gun violence. On mass shootings this year: there has been 137 mass shootings in America. Seung-Hui Cho for example murdered 32 innocent people in 2007,… Read More ›

How Gays Are Treated In Israel

Pinkwashing is only limited to roughly 20 sq. kilometres of the only Liberal City in the world that’s Arab free. Also in the only liberal city in the world that’s Arab free, the city that’s built on top of 8 Palestinian villages which were ethnically cleansed in ’48, being LGBTQ-friendly is limited to certain quarters… Read More ›

Christian Preacher Accused Of Making Islamophobic & Homophobic Comments In Street Sermons

  BBC News reports on a Christian street preacher who is standing trial on two charges of using threatening and abusive words, and a third of causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress after members of the public complained about the content of his public sermons on Taunton High Street in June and… Read More ›