How Gays Are Treated In Israel

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Pinkwashing is only limited to roughly 20 sq. kilometres of the only Liberal City in the world that’s Arab free.

Also in the only liberal city in the world that’s Arab free, the city that’s built on top of 8 Palestinian villages which were ethnically cleansed in ’48, being LGBTQ-friendly is limited to certain quarters of the city. But in the liberal West Jerusalem people haven’t heard of #pinkwashing.

Homophobia in Jerusalem… Yet even Tel Aviv is not as much of a liberal place as they would like you to think.

Watch the video here:


Think Progress reports:

FACT: LGBT rights are still suppressed in Israeli society. In fact, Netanyahu’s government shot down a slew of bills this year intended to expand LGBT rights, including one that would have legalized same-sex marriage and another that would protect Israelis from being discriminated against on the basis of their identity or sexual orientation. A member of his own coalition, MK Bezalel Smotrich, organized an anti-gay rally in 2006, a year after several people were stabbed at a Pride parade. Smotrich’s rally was intended to protest the Pride parade in Jerusalem, which he called “the beast parade.

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