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Italian Chefs Share Special Recipes With The People Of Gaza

“We come here to share with you – with the people of Gaza – our cuisine, our love, our support.” These Italian chefs are sharing their secret recipes and working to change food insecurity in Gaza, Palestine. Watch the video here: Source: AJ+

Muslims In NYC Remember The Lives Lost In Orlando Shooting

More than 200 Muslims gathered to pray for the victims of the Orlando shooting and to break their fast for the month of Ramadan at Iftar in the Park.

Meet The Young Man, In The Day He Fasts And In Nights Feeds The Homeless

Meet the young Muslim man, Rachid Boulsane who spends his days fasting during Ramadan, and in the nights feeding the homeless in Paris. This is the true character of a Muslim. The Quran exhorts Muslims to feed the poor: “(The righteous are those) who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love… Read More ›

Georgia To New Syrian Family: Starve— No Food Stamps For You!

The Republican Georgia governor’s once-theoretical pledge not to provide benefits to Syrian refugees that were relocated to the state now has an actual target: A refugee family that arrived last week. But the state isn’t having any second thoughts, reports Caitlin MacNeal: The Department of Human Services sent a memo in November ordering employees not to process the applications of… Read More ›

Glasgow Based Hate Incident Shows Aggression Levels That Are Concerning

Two Glasgow based young female Muslims contacted Tell MAMA today. The young women are aged 16 and 21 years old and with the younger female wearing a Hijab and the older one, a Hijab and a Niqab. On Saturday the 17th of October at 11 pm, the girls were waiting to enjoy some desserts in… Read More ›

EDL Supporter Allegedly Dropped Bag Of Dog Poo Through Muslim Neighbour’s Letterbox

  EDL News reports on an alleged religious hate crime incident involving an English Defence League (EDL) supporter in Essex who boasted of posting a bag of dog excrement through a Muslim neighbour’s letterbox on Facebook. Karen Hastie, posted a number of messages on Facebook bragging about the incident and wrote: “I have just delivered some… Read More ›

Muslim Woman Called A ‘Murdering Muslim’ In Morrisons Supermarket

  The Big News Network relates a suspected hate incident in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire where a Muslim woman was allegedly abused in a Morrisons supermarket on Saturday morning, 14 November. The news site reports that the woman posted details of the incident on Facebook. She posted a message stating: “To the lady and man in… Read More ›

Far-Right Thinks Bacon/Cancer Story Is A Muslim Conspiracy

The World Health Organisation says bacon is carcinogenic and right-wingers think and believe it’s a Muslim conspiracy. Yes you read that right. I am sure if Muslims wanted to take over they would actually encourage you right-wing lunatics to eat more bacon so they can they can bring in Shakira law sooner than later 🙂… Read More ›

Man Jailed For Vicious Assault On Customer In Kebab Shop

  The Western Telegraph reports on the sentencing expected in the case of Anthony Rees, 32, after he pleaded guilty to racially aggravated common assault at Haverfordwest Magistrates on 13 October. Rees was charged following an attack on Hussain Yossaff at a kebab shop in Milford Haven on 15 February. Rees was said to have headbutted Yossaff… Read More ›

Man Sentenced For Threatening Muslim Customer In Ilford Chicken Shop

  The Ilford Recorder reports on the sentencing of a man who racially abused and threatened a Muslim customer at a chicken shop in Ilford. Ian Bradley, 32, appeared at Barkingside Magistrates Court on charges of racially aggravated abuse and threatening behaviour over an incident at the SSS Chicken shop in Ilford on 20 October…. Read More ›