EDL Supporter Allegedly Dropped Bag Of Dog Poo Through Muslim Neighbour’s Letterbox

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WomanEDL News reports on an alleged religious hate crime incident involving an English Defence League (EDL) supporter in Essex who boasted of posting a bag of dog excrement through a Muslim neighbour’s letterbox on Facebook.

Karen Hastie, posted a number of messages on Facebook bragging about the incident and wrote: “I have just delivered some ones Karma. Mrs Muz Rat b**** from yesterday has just had a jiffy envelope filled with dog sh*t through the b****es letter box. I wish I could be fly on the wall imagine opening a package filled with shit. HAPPY DAYS for sure.”

A number of individuals condoned her behaviour by sending her messages of support on Facebook.

Carol Devaney, from Dundee wrote: “Hahaha she’s probably eat it.”

Jason Bramble from Ayr wrote: “Nice one”.

Ryan Jones wrote: “aaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha Nice one darling” and Rob Britton wrote: “Jiffy bag? Shudda wrapped it in bacon kaz”.

Ms Hastie replied to Mr Britton’s comment saying: “Didn’t think of that got a pack I fridge to lol. She’s getting another one in few days. Hope she put her hands in it when she opened envelope.”

The suspected hate crime occurred on Friday 13 November 2015 at approximately 10pm and Ms Hastie claimed she would do the same thing again in days to follow.

In a follow up to her initial message, Ms Hastie posted a second message on Facebook, writing: “I’m in a really bad mood now more that muzrats piece of shit women has just started again with her fucking attitude. Karma again tonight she’s getting shit bacon sandwich through her letter box tonight I felt like f***ing punching b**** in the face dirty scummy Muslim.”

EDL News have said they would alert Essex police to the posts and the boasts of anti-Muslim hate crime offering the Facebook posts as evidence.

Source: MEND

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