Muslim Woman Called A ‘Murdering Muslim’ In Morrisons Supermarket

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MorrisThe Big News Network relates a suspected hate incident in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire where a Muslim woman was allegedly abused in a Morrisons supermarket on Saturday morning, 14 November.

The news site reports that the woman posted details of the incident on Facebook. She posted a message stating: “To the lady and man in Morrisons who felt the need to call me a murdering Muslim in front of the whole supermarket, thank you for making my five year old son cry.”

The woman, who lost her husband three years ago and is a widow asked not to be named by the news site, wrote that the incident “really scared” her young son who is “currently suffering separation anxiety and is fragile after my mum passed away four weeks ago.”

The woman also recounts the reaction of fellow shoppers in the supermarket who, she claims, “looked on and just looked at the floor like it didn’t happen”.

A spike in hate crime after terrorist incidents at home and abroad have been documented in annual hate crime reports with the most recent report published by the Home Office on hate crime in England and Wales 2014-15 noting, for example, “a peak in July 2013 in racially or religiously aggravated offences following the Lee Rigby murder.”

Source: MEND

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