Abu Fukayhah Juhani’s Persecution

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Kaleef K. Karim

This article is a continuation on the companions of the Prophet Muhammed (p) who were persecuted by the polytheists in Makkah. In this series, we present a report on Abu Fukayhah Juhani’s early days in Makkah. How he converted to Islam and his subsequent persecution in the hands of the idolater, Umayyah Ibn Khalaf.

Al-Isti’ab – Ibn Abd al-Barr (978 – 1071 AD) reports:

“Abu Fukayhah Juhani was his appellation. His name was Yasar. He was the slave of Safwan Ibn Umayyah. Umayyah Ibn Khalaf would sometimes get a rope tied to his feet and pitilessly drag him around. At times, he would shackle his feet with leg irons and force him to lie face down on the scorching sand with a huge boulder placed on his back. This was so agonising that he often felt unconscious. Sometimes he would viciously throttle him. One day Umayyah Ibn Khalaf had him pinned to the scorching ground and he was busy throttling him when Umayyah Ibn Khalaf’s brother Ubayy Ibn Khalaf happened to pass. Instead of him taking pity on him, he urged his brother to throttle him even more. He throttled him ruthlessly that people thought he was no more (died). Abu Bakr happened to pass by that way. He purchased Abu Fukayhah Juhani and set him free.” (Al-Isti’ab, by Ibn Abd al-Barr, volume 4, page 157)

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