Positiveness and Islam

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How can we as human beings make this world a better place? Recently, I have googled this question and I came across an interesting article: Positiveness: How to Make This World a Better Place. I was reading this article and I really loved the content. However, I believe it did not mention a vital part of life, which is religion. As Allah says in Surat Luqmaan 31: 18-19:

Turn on your cheek away from people in scorn and pride, and walk not on earth haughtily; for God does not love anyone who acts proudly and boastfully. Be modest in your bearing and lower your voice; for the ugliest sound is the donkey’s braying.

Just a small reflection on this earth can give you a very clear answer to the question mentioned before. All you have to do is be open and merciful. Be positive and cheerful; help people in need, and be the example of a true human (not just a Muslim).

God Bless.

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  1. This is age of science and technology. We have been commanded in Quran “Do not have blind faith. Always reason.” We must reason all the Chapters and Verses of Quran on science and logic.

    We see Allah (SWT) has enforced his laws in nature which is controlling all living and non living things in universe, These laws are based on permanent values. Sun from day one is rising from East and will never rise from North or West. Allah (SWT) has not given power to any human being or to any Prophet to break his laws nor Allah (SWT) will ever break his own laws himself.

    Miracle is some thing which break the laws of nature. All the fake translation of Quran that such and such Prophet performed miracles is bundles. Quran never ever claimed about any miracle. For example Musa (AS) was commanded to put his staff into water that was to check the depth but our ignorant Mullahs claimed it was a miracle. If t was a miracle there was no need of putting staff in water. Another is about Bibi Maryam She asked how shall she be the mother of a child when no man has touched her. She meant she is not yet married. Allah (SWT) through his laws in nature directed a man who married her.

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