Louise Casey Review Produces Nothing But Hate And Division In Communities

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The latest sham report by Louise Casey produces nothing but hate and divide communities further. If Louise wants ethnic minorities, specifically Muslims to “integrate” more, maybe she should start helping those communities who are most disfranchised.

Mothers and fathers work their ass off to pay the bills. At the end of the day, they have hardly any time to socialise when they don’t even see their own kids, because they are too preoccupied trying to make a living, to feed the kids and pay bills. Maybe slashing the tax for the poor families, raising the minimum wage and giving more opportunities to Muslims then they will have more time to “integrate”. None of these poor families, earn the same amount of money like you do, Louise!

The Muslim women in Britain who are qualified are 16 times less likely to be employed. Discrimination that’s the problem here. British Muslim women are 71% more likely to be unemployed due to workplace discrimination. Other religious groups are more likely to be employed than a Muslim woman, even though they have the same qualifications:

“Discrimination against Muslim women in the workplace means they are much more likely to be unemployed than white Christian women – even when they have the same qualifications and language skills – research shows.”

The report overall produces nothing but hate and division. Pinning the poor white communities against poor ethnic minorities. The same white communities who have been shafted by the Tory government, they are now trying to shift blame from their own failed policies on to the Muslim community who have done nothing but contribute and have tried their hardest to integrate to the British way of life. One just needs to look at online statements made to see that this report spreads hate. See some of the screenshots further down.

Jahangir Muhammed sums this report up perfectly:

The Casey Review is one of the poorest policy documents I have read in a long time. Confused out of touch with reality and ignorant of the many different social problems it addresses.

The problem with social policies on cohesion primarily targeting minority groups and the poor is that they are usually written by Middle-Class white people who themselves have little experience or clue about how these poorer communities live or suffer. I have heard that prior to undertaking this review Louise Casey had never even been to a Mosque!

Louise Casey and the Government may want poorer communities to mix more together more. The likes of Casey and some Middle-Class white people may have plenty of time and money for socialising. But for poorer people (all colours and faiths) living in the areas she has highlighted “integration” or socialising with some notional other, is not a priority. They deal with who they have to. Getting on with their lives is key. Their priorities are survival – paying their debts and bills, looking after their health and bringing up their families in the most difficult of circumstances. Many of them are doing a damn good job of it too in the circumstances.

If politicians are not going to help them in lifting their economic conditions then the best thing they can do is butt out of their lives. That’s how most of them feel about politicians and policy makers.

Perhaps the greatest irony of all is Louise lecturing people about “integration” yet she has never visited a mosque in her entire life, except when she started to write this report.

These spoon-fed rich politicians seem to think, that all of sudden these immigrants families came and bought a patch of land away from the rest of the population and isolated themselves. All immigrant families move into white-English areas. The immigrants want to integrate with the natives, it is the natives that do not at times, sadly, want to integrate or socialise with immigrants.

The Guardian recently reported a case in Blackburn where the native English population are not interested in socialising or even integrating with Muslims, or other ethnic minorities. In fact, when an Asian Muslim family do move into a white area they were are harassed and bullied, eventually, they leave the area for their own safety.

Integration is a two-way street.

I am looking forward to the day Louise Casey produces a similar report on the upper class, elite’s lack of integration: private schools, segregation, gated living, private health (Michael Rosen).

It seems whatever Muslims do, they can never win in our society. Muslims are the biggest charity givers. In Ramadan, this year alone, over £100 Million pounds (equivalent to $127 Million dollars) was given away in charity. That would be £38 a second.

Muslims are among Britain’s most generous givers, topping a poll of religious groups that donate to charity, according to new research. Muslims who donated to charity last year gave an average of almost £371 each, with Jewish givers averaging just over £270 per person.

When the Tory government slashed benefits, poor white families in Britain were in need of food. Foods banks have increased under Tory rule, resulting in many families not being able to afford to make ends meet. From North of Britain, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry,  Leicester all the way to Luton and London, Muslims have relentlessly made sure that families that are in need of food be catered for.

Two Muslim schools have produced the highest and top GCSE results in the whole country.

One massive poll reported by Guardian found Muslims feel more strongly British than any other faith or ethnic minority. In another recent report, it showed that vast majority of British Muslims want to ‘fully integrate.’ If Politicians and the media want Muslims and immigrants to integrate they need to stop blaming all their failures on the poorest of the society.

Since this report was released here are just some of the hate it has produced online.

Screenshots were taken from Facebook, and websites.














These are some of the comments I have come across. There are 100s if not 1000s more similar to these online. This is the result you get when a sham piece like this gets publicised.

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