Conservative Jesus Loving Christian Attacks Muslim Babies And 2 Women

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Picture of Emirjeta Xhelili (Mary Magdalene) the attacker (Facebook)

Picture of Emirjeta Xhelili (Mary Magdalene) the attacker (Facebook)

It has emerged that a woman by the name of Emirjeta Xhelili, and her Facebook’s name by Mary Magdalaene attacked two Muslim women ripping their hijabs off their heads. News reports have also said that she went on to attack the women’s babies as well.

Emirjeta Xhelili (Mary Magdalene), has been charged by the Police with a hate crime for the attacks she carried out against the innocent women and babies. Sources have revealed that she punched one of the woman in the face and kicked them both at the same time.

She was identified by one of the victims when the Police were searching. At the time of her arrest, she continued to taunt the victims by saying to them, “You don’t belong here. Get the f**k out of here.”

The vicious attacker, Emirjeta Xhelili (going by the name of Mary Magdalene), 32-years-old from Brooklyn, was an atheist raised Albanian who converted to Christianity, and a Trump lover/fan:




She posted many hateful and Islamophobic rants on her Facebook page before the attack on Thursday. On her Facebook page you see all sorts of hateful posts and videos of her having inherent hatred towards all Muslims:




Here is a video of her recording attempting to harras 2 Muslim women with their babies, she wrote on the Facebook video, “I dont care. You have to go back to your primitive countries because you dont appreciate civilization”. Bear in mind these women have not said a word to her, yet she has so much hatred towards them:

Islamophobia is a disease which is no different to racism. How can you have so much hatred and harras Muslims daily and get away with it for months? She should have been reported by her friends or family to the authorities as soon as they seen the language she was been spouting on her Facebook page.  Br. Shibli Zamani rightly pointed out that more people need to report Islamophobic crimes be that verbal or physical, “This is why when you see any signs of Islamophobia being taken to the next level it is important to alert law enforcement.

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Picture of Emirjeta Xhelili (Mary Magdalene) the attacker (Facebook)

Picture of Emirjeta Xhelili (Mary Magdalene) the attacker (Facebook)



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  1. This atheist raised Albanian who converted to Christianity clearly has shown that she does not understand the essence of Christianity. Her usage of words and preference for that presidential candidate who managed to get so many votes tells also a lot about her education and background as well as of which human attitude she wants to allow and accept.

  2. That’s the effects of Islamophobia which exists in Western society and continuously rising and hate crimes against Muslims are going up as time is passing up!
    She should be punished for what she did and we as Muslims must unite and fight this injustice and discrimination as Blacks suffered the same thing for hundreds of years!

  3. This woman is troll. We cannot blame Christianity for her vile deeds. It amazing! She says in one if her posts that the ‘holy spirit’ will not allow her to sin? What she has done is the worst sin in any body’s religion. Hate and in tolerence. Since Islamophobia is on the rise I’m sure she will get a gentle slap in the wrist and be hailed as a heroine by like minded people.
    It for the authorities to deal with her in an appropriate manner.

  4. She says a Muslim can’t swear an oath to God, when the God of Islam IS the God of Christianity (as well as Judaism). “Allah” = “Yahweh” = “Jehova.” So much ignorance, so little time to correct it!

  5. The behavior she displayed and the beliefs she posted all point to zealotry and mental illness.

  6. Hmmm she doesn’t sound like she is from this country either . what is she from the Slavic country? I don’t remember Jesus beating people up and knocking down a stroller . I hope they throw the book at her.

  7. She is not Christian . Her God is Trump

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