Ansbach Perpetrator “Mentally ill”, Tried Committing Suicide Two Times Before

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A 27-year-old failed Syrian asylum seeker is believed by the German authorities to be the man behind the explosion in Ansbach, Germany.

The 27-year-old came into Germany 2 years ago. He was denied his asylum application a year ago, but he was allowed to stay in Germany on account when the situation in Syria becomes stable, he would have been returned.

The perpetrator has a history of ‘drugs’ and had psychiatric problems. He spent a considerable time a clinic and tried killing himself two times before in the past. German newspapers have confirmed that he had mental health problems and tried to commit suicide twice before.

Journalist Florian Flade

Journalist Florian Flade




At the moment German investigators do not know what the perpetrator’s motive were:

A spokeswoman for Bavaria’s police force told Reuters it was unclear what the attacker’s motivations were. A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Ansbach also said the motive was unclear. “If there is an Islamist link or not is purely speculation at this point,” said the spokesman, Michael Schrotberger.

In the second press conference investigators said that the perpetrator was heading to a music festival when he was denied entry, he turned away.

At the time of explosion it is reported that he detonated the device at a restaurant which was closed. The German Police have said that they cannot as of now confirm whether the man only intended to kill himself or others as well.

Only person killed in the explosion was the perpetrator himself. He injured 12 people, they are in stable condition.

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