Video: Israeli Jews Celebrating Wedding By Stabbing Photo Of Palestinian Baby Burned Alive This Summer

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What did I just watch! I can’t believe there are people out there that celebrate the death of a innocent baby.

The Police in Israel have taken a video from Jewish religious persons dancing at a wedding in Jerusalem. It is reported by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, that the video was taken 3 weeks ago in Jerusalem. In the video which can be seen below, there are people waving guns, knives and a person also holding a firebomb.

The most sickening part of it all is one person is waving a photo of baby Ali Dawabsheh, and stabbing it. While rest of people at the wedding celebrating by dancing and feeling happy that baby Ali was burned alive this year.

The Baby, Ali Dawabsheh was burned alive this summer. The Baby’s father and mother also died, later in hospital because of the burns they endured by the firebomb.

You wont see this on Mainstream media… Watch the video:

Source: Haaretz

Attribution: Screenshot from video

Attribution: Screenshot from video


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