Israeli Forces Shut Down Palestinian Radio Stations

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The Israeli government shut down three Palestinian, Arabic-language outlets this past month alone, leaving more than 30 journalists jobless.

“Israeli politicians (and US ones as well) often tout the idea that “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.” While this is often disputed, stifling dissent by closing down news outlets seems pretty obviously against democratic principles.” – Jewish voice for peace

IMEMC reports:

This Sunday morning, Israeli military forces issued an order for the closure of a Hebron radio station, the third Palestinian news outlet to be shut by Israeli authorities, this month, in Hebron.

The director of of Dream Radio station, Talab Al-Jaabri, stated that soldiers stormed the station, destroying equipment and damaging offices. Al-Jaabri said, according to the PNN, that the military told him the radio station would be closed for six months, due to “incitement against Israel.” Earlier this month, the army shut down Radio Hebron and Al-Huriya, two other Palestinian radio stations which have been accused of broadcasting anti-Israeli content.

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