Two Men Jailed For Assault In Exeter City Centre

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MenThe Exeter Express and Echo reports on the jailing of a former boxer and a body builder following a fracas outside a nightclub in Exeter city centre in which a Sri Lankan man was physically assaulted and subjected to Islamophobic abuse.

Christopher Jackson, 27 and Craig Lee, 25 were both charged with causing actual bodily harm. Jackson was also charged with battery and a religiously aggravated public order offence.

The incident occurred on 31 August when Jackson and Lee were with a group of men exiting an Exeter nightclub and their victims, Fenn Rowan and Gary Savage, part of another group leaving a different nightclub nearby.

Jackson is said to have uttered remarks to Savage “which indicated quite plainly his dislike of what he called Muslims”. Jackson was said to have punched Savage and Lee assaulted Savage’s friend, Rowan. When Rebecca Teague, a bouncer from one of the nightclubs, intervened to break up the fight, she was struck by Lee from behind.

Lee denied the charge but was found guilty by a jury last month. Jackson pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him.

The two men were jailed at Exeter Crown Court last month, Lee was sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment and Jackson was jailed for two years.

Source: MEND

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