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On Tommy Robinson For Gavin Ashenden’s Edification

A potentially misleading social media post from  Gavin Ashenden He was arrested whilst filming, that does not mean he was arrested for filming. There’s a big difference here. If Rev Peter Bell had been  arrested for grooming offences whilst playing golf it does not mean he was arrested for playing golf. Gavin Ashenden needs to… Read More ›

Two Racist Thugs Jailed For The Murder Of 81-Year-Old Muslim Man

  BBC News reports on the jail sentences passed on two men convicted of the murder of Muslim grandfather, Muhsin Ahmed, in Rotherham. Dale Jones, 30, was convicted of murder by unanimous verdict at his trial last Wednesday. Today, a jury found Damien Hunt guilty of manslaughter by unanimous verdict. Jones was jailed for life,… Read More ›

Video: Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home”

Israeli’s took to the streets following an Israeli High Court ruling to close the Holot detention center. Israelis took to the streets with ISIS-style flags, chanting “ni*gers go home” at an anti-African rally in Tel Aviv following an Israeli High Court ruling to close the Holot detention center. Israel has faced international scrutiny for it’s… Read More ›

Woman Jailed For Abusing Hospital Staff And Assaulting Officers During Drunken Episode

  The Kent Messenger reports on the sentencing of an ex-lecturer who abused hospital staff and assaulted three police officers while in a drunken state. The local paper reports that Alexandra Crouzieres, 35, attended Maidstone Hospital on 11 July believing she had broken her arm. An X-ray taken at the hospital revealed her arm to… Read More ›

Suspected White Supremacist Planned To Bomb Black Churches Arrested

Federal agents have busted a plot by two racists who intended to bomb black churches in order to begin a race war. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (The Point) hosts of The Young Turks discuss. “The Federal Bureau of Investigations has arrested two Virginia men they believe were plotting to bomb black churches as part… Read More ›

Man Jailed For Vicious Assault On Customer In Kebab Shop

  The Western Telegraph reports on the sentencing expected in the case of Anthony Rees, 32, after he pleaded guilty to racially aggravated common assault at Haverfordwest Magistrates on 13 October. Rees was charged following an attack on Hussain Yossaff at a kebab shop in Milford Haven on 15 February. Rees was said to have headbutted Yossaff… Read More ›

Trial Of Prisoner In Alleged Anti-Muslim Assault Case Postponed

  The Western Gazette reports on the trial postponement in the case of a serving prisoner who is facing charges of racially aggravated assault following an incident in Yeovil on 6 May. David Fuller, 53, was charged with racially aggravated assault over an alleged attack on Ali Anwar. Fuller was due to stand trial last… Read More ›

Two Men Jailed For Assault In Exeter City Centre

  The Exeter Express and Echo reports on the jailing of a former boxer and a body builder following a fracas outside a nightclub in Exeter city centre in which a Sri Lankan man was physically assaulted and subjected to Islamophobic abuse. Christopher Jackson, 27 and Craig Lee, 25 were both charged with causing actual… Read More ›

Reality Check: Gaza Is Still Occupied?

Israel says it no longer occupies Gaza after disengaging from the strip of land in 2005. But Palestinians, international organisations, human rights groups and governments, including the United States, argue Gaza is still occupied. In the Reality Check, Mehdi Hasan challenges Israel’s narrative, arguing the country still controls Gaza’s borders, airspace and territorial waters. He… Read More ›

Thug Jailed For Killing Muslim Man Over Cigarette

DTT: Thug Gary Pitt admitted manslaughter after attacking married man, Mohamed Rashwan. A drunken thug killed a Muslim dad with one punch after pestering him for a cigarette, he has been jailed for four years. Before attacking the victim Mohamed Rashwan, Pitt drank six cans of lager, three litters of cider and vodka. Gary Pitt… Read More ›