Zak Gariba A New Fraud in Canadian Churches?

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  1. Some may find it difficult to believe. I am a mature Christian, and know my bible quite well, and also know the Qur’an enough. to know this man is the real deal. Criticize all you want, he doesn’t have to answer to anyone but Jesus. We have been in one of his 3 church campuses for about 10 years. I have seen God work miracles, people saved, lives restored and Zak growing in grace and wisdom. Is he perfect? Zak would be the first to say he is a man like the rest of humanity, but God is conforming him more and more to the image of Jesus Christ. The devil had people call Jesus a fake and criticized and killed all the prophets and disciples, but the Word still marches on! Thank you for giving to us what you have Zak Gariba. Do not be discouraged by the critics. Sincerely Grant Holditch

    • Mr Holditch the bible have been changed. therefore you can not distinguish between truth and falsehood from the bible. pls do read the Quran, the preserved word of the one Creator.

  2. The fellow clearly knows the Lord as his Saviour and Friend and now is being used by Him to do His work. Anyone who is a true Christian can see this, and it is clearly wrong to judge him otherwise. Grant has put it very well.

    Dave Ross
    U.K. (my ex-Brit brother lives in Calgary)

  3. It appears the author of this site is operating from his room in a psychiatric hospital or asylum!

  4. This man is making a fool out of these three women without much effort. His entire story sounds very off and is void of any details. He is making this up to receive money from the white community.

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