Christian Pastor With Detailed Plans To Massacre Muslim Children Not A “Threat”, Set Free By Judge

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robert doggart arrested

Robert Doggart, a right-wing extremist who planned to massacre a New York Muslim community CREDIT:

Does anyone remember Pastor Robert Doggart, who was caught planning, recruiting militia members to burn down a mosque, a children’s school, and a cafeteria while murdering civilians in a New York Muslim community using m4 Rifles, explosives, machetes, and snipers?

Well, he plead guilty. One would of thought that would have been the end for him i.e., since he is a threat to American Muslim citizens that he would be locked away for a long time.

But the judge who supposed send him to prison didn’t accept Robert Doggart’s ‘guilty’ plea. Federal Magistrate Susan K. Lee set him free.

You heard it right, he got set free!

Judge Susan K. Lee said that there was no prove that Robert Doggart, was a ‘threat’ even though he was recorded by the FBI saying to an informant the following,

“Those guys (have) to be killed. Their buildings need to be burnt down. If we can get in there and do that not losing a man, even the better.”

Later on, another judge agreed with Magistrate Lee’s decision stating that the government:

“has not shown by clear and convincing evidence defendant’s release would pose an unreasonable danger to the community or any particular individual.”

So what were the evidences presented that Robert Doggart wasn’t a threat?

“Defense attorneys said Doggart has numerous degrees and certificates, is a veteran, and an ordained minister of the Christian National Church.”

Yes the above was evidence enough for Judge Lee, to determine that he was not a threat even though he had detailed plans wanting to massacre the Muslim community in New York.

He was busted by the FBI plotting to massacre Muslim Americans, but the judge isn’t sure he’s a threat. White privilege!

Of-course this happened, because when a white guy (along with other whites) plot a terroristic massacre against Muslims it isn’t a “threat”.

Yet, if this was a Muslim who had plan a terroristic act, he/she would in prison for life and there would have been non-stop media coverage on the case.

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