American Christian Man Arrested For Alleged Plot To Bomb Muslim Holy Sites

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DTT Comment: An American Christian man has been reported by to have been arrested, for allegedly plotting to bomb Muslim Holy Sites. What I find astonishing is why this thug has not been branded as a ‘terrorist’ in the media? Why is it that there is a complete silence in the media about this case?

By David Mack –

An American man wanted in the U.S. on drugs charges had been arrested in Israel, charged with an alleged plot to attack Muslim holy sites, the Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday.

Adam Everett Livvix, 30, was arrested by Israeli police on Nov. 19 after entering the country illegally from Palestinian-controlled areas of the West Bank. Israel’s Justice Ministry says Livvix is from Texas.

According to a copy of the indictment obtained by the newspaper, Livvix had recently “told his acquaintances in Israel about his negative opinions towards the Arab population in Israel and his desire to cause harm to Islamic holy sites in Israel.”

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    I never heard about this guy…of course not…he is not muslim


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