Phoenix Mosque Anti-Islam Organizer Claims Hackers Have ‘Ruined His Life’

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DTT: Jon Ritzheimer who’s the organizer for the Phoenix Mosque hate-rally that took place last week – posted a video on his Facebook page, claims that hackers have ruined his life.

In the video he goes to say that he is extremely malnourished and is killing him seeing his family going through the distress hackers have caused them.

I do feel sorry for his family. Hope they ignore the online threats and move on with their lives.

With that said, I believe Jon brought all this on his family. He is the only one to blame for what his distraught wife and kids are going through.

Didn’t he think about the distress Muslim men, women and children went through going to prayers seeing Neo-Nazis standing near their Mosque wielding military rifles at them?

Watch the video:

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