Britain First Group Are Liking Facebook Comments Encouraging ‘Dynamiting’ Mosques

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Fascist group, Britain First approve of and like comments on their Facebook page about dynamiting a Mosque:

BF fascist group

Taken from ‘Exposing Britain First‘ Facebook page

Huffingtongpost write further on Britain First’s liking comments which endorse violence, blowing the Mosque up.

By The Huffington Post UK

Britain First appear to be condoning people who call for the blowing up of mosques.

In the comments section on their Facebook page they have liked comments suggesting people should “dynamite” a new building planned for Lincoln.

BF fascist group 2

The top comment on the post is this ominous entry…


Among the 196 people who have liked it is the Britain First page itself.


Further down the thread is a much more direct statement


Again, the Britain First page has liked the comment.


Britain First have made no secret of their dislike of the building of mosques in the UK – they have in the past threatened to bury pigs in ground designated for their construction.

But condoning their destruction is a huge step up.

The pseudo-political group/militia have gained a controversial reputation in recent months for their direct action in the form of protests and ‘Christian’ Patrols’.

Read rest of the article here…

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