Journalist: Thanks Don Lemon For Making Me Famous With Racist Dumb-Ass Question

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attribution: Screen shot of the video in the article

Arsalan Iftikhar is a Muslim civil rights attorney as well as senior editor over at The Islamic Monthly. He has penned a piece over at the monthly that’s worth a read. In it he talks about his recent television interview on CNN with Don Lemon. The interview where he asked:

“Again in August, 16 percent of French citizens support ISIS,” Lemon pressed. “Would you describe those who support ISIS as Islamic extremists? Do you support ISIS?”The question stunned Iftikhar.

“Wait,” he replied. “Did you just ask me if I support ISIS? […]”

Here is some highlights from Arsalan Iftikhar’s response to the experience:

Right off the bat, I stated categorically that I was “shocked and horrified” at the Paris attack and that it was “against any normative teaching of Islam”.Continuing my barrage of superlative condemnations, I continued to call the Paris terrorists “irreligious criminals committing acts of mass murder” and finally ended the first two-thirds of the CNN interview by calling the Paris attacks a “crime against humanity”.

How much more condemnation do you want from a Muslim guy?

Don Lemon wanted more, I guess? This might explain why he then asked Iftikhar whether or not he supported ISIS.

Now to be completely honest with you, I totally thought that I had misheard him because surely there was no respectable journalist in the world who would ask a Muslim human rights lawyer whether he supports an organization which violates human rights each and every day.But then I remembered that I was dealing with Don Lemon.


After nearly 15 years of journalism and thousands of media interviews, I can honestly say that I have never become more “famous” than after this latest Don Lemon gaffe. It is a sincere honor to be added to the litany of famous “Malaysian-black-hole-penis-biting” Don Lemon media gaffes which can be added to his audition tape for his next job at FOX News Channel.So from the bottom of my heart, I want to publicly thank Don Lemon for making me famous with his patently offensive racist dumb-ass question.



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